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Director - Barbara Hammer
Run Time - 70 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD
Year - 2000
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interest- Gay & Lesbian Studies


Institutional DVD Price: $295




In this wonderfully irreverent yet empowering film, Barbara Hammer traces lesbian history by presenting an extraordinary array of archival footage - and then playfully manipulates it to make it seem as though lesbians were everywhere. From popular films to newsreels, sex ed pics, stag reels, medical and educational films, old nudies and more, History Lessons reclaims and rewrites lesbian history.


Barbara Hammer has made 80 films and videos in her 30-year career, and is responsible for some of the first lesbian-made films in history.



"Witty, giddy, unexpected, cheeky & subversive...a shameless imaginative assertion of Gay Pride throughout the 20th Century, one that identifies, invents and/or smirkingly implies gleeful lesbian sexuality in every cultural nook and cranny. It's all quite delightful." -Variety