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A film by Mary Jane Doherty

96 minutes, documentary, color, English & Spanish w/ English subtitles, 2013

Secundaria quietly follows one high school class on its journey through Cuba's world-famous National Ballet School. The teens love to dance, but for many of them dance is also their sole escape from a life of poverty. The documentary begins as an observational portrait, but in their third year of school the main character, Mayara, takes charge of her destiny in an astonishing way. Suddenly this simple portrait takes a dramatic turn as Mayara's action surprises everyone: teachers, friends, family and, ultimately, the filmmaker herself.

“Don’t miss illuminating journey into Cuba’s National Ballet School.” - The New York Times

“A lucid, watchful portrait of young ballet dancers desperately trying to plié their way out of poverty and into Cuba's Ballet Nacional.” - The Boston Globe

“Moves from a sensitive examination of the physical and creative demands of dance to a more dramatic study in political repression and personal choice.” - The Arts Fuse

“Documenting the high school ballet training and competitions held by Cuba’s world famous National Ballet School, it was not only beautiful but it magically captured the ever-present economic issues of Cuba.” - Indiewire

“Doherty's camera meanders, capturing in subtle detail the rigor of daily drills, the thrill of competition and the terror and heartbreak that accompany a high-risk, life-altering decision — all against an evocative soundtrack of classical and Afro-Cuban rhythms.” - The Huffington Post

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A film by Diane Kolyer & Michael Sporn

22 minutes, animation, English, 2011

DVD Extras: Tribute to Michael Sporn

What would it be like to grow up and become president of the United States?

In I Can Be President: A Kid’s Eye View, a diverse group of children candidly share their thoughts on the subject, affirming the importance of having dreams at any age.

I Can Be President features interviews with elementary schoolers whose hopes and dreams - both hilarious and touching - come to life in animated sequences created by the award-winning animator Michael Sporn.

A young person’s view of civics and ethics, I Can Be President offers simple yet profound observations on subjects like diversity, war, being a leader and becoming an adult. All in all, a promising vision of the nation's future.

Winner! NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Children's Program

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