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First Run Features is proud to announce the DVD release of
56 UP and THE UP SERIES Box Set

the ground breaking documentary film series


56 UP
138 minutes, documentary, color & b/w, 2012

A film by Michael Apted

Special Features Exclusive Interview: Roger Ebert talks with Michael Apted • Photo Gallery
• Filmmaker Biography & Statement

"Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man."

Starting in 1964 with Seven UP, The UP Series has explored this Jesuit maxim. The original concept was to interview 14 children from diverse backgrounds from all over England, asking them about their lives and their dreams for the future. Every seven years, renowned director Michael Apted, a researcher for Seven UP, has been back to talk to them, examining the progression of their lives.

From cab driver Tony to schoolmates Jackie, Lynn and Susan and the enigmatic Neil, we follow these beloved subjects as they turn 56 and more life-changing decisions and surprising developments are revealed.

A towering achievement in the annals of cinema, The UP Series is, according to critic Roger Ebert, "an inspired, almost noble use of the film medium. Apted penetrates to the central mystery of life."

UPC: 7-20229-91538-0 | Catalog #: FRF 915380D | SRP: $29.95 | Street Date: July 2

848 minutes total on 7 discs, documentary, color & b/w

Seven Disc Special Edition including all eight films: Seven UP, 7 Plus Seven, 21 UP, 28 UP, 35 UP, 42 UP, 49 UP & 56 UP

Special Features • Exclusive Interview: Roger Ebert talks with Michael Apted • Audio Commentary by Michael Apted (on 42 UP) • Photo Gallery for each film • Michael Apted Biography

This seven disc box set includes all eight films in the series to date:
Seven UP • 7 Plus Seven • 21 UP • 28 UP • 35 UP • 42 UP • 49 UP • 56 UP

• 2013 Peabody Award Winner!

UPC: 7-20229-91558-8 | Catalog #: FRF 915588D | SRP: $79.95 | Street Date: July 2


“THE UP SERIES is on my list of the ten greatest films of all time!” - Roger Ebert

“Amazing. . . the spectacle, as in time-lapse photography, of human beings taking shape before our eyes.” - Vogue

“One of the towering achievements in the history of documentary film.” - Philadelphia Inquirer

“Possibly the most exciting use of the documentary medium ever!” - New York Daily News

“One of the most rewarding and uplifting programs I've ever seen. It makes you feel better about the human race.”
- London Sunday Times

“Wondrous, astonishing! Unforgettable great drama! Like old acquaintances we can't wait to see again, to find out what has happened to them.” - The New Yorker

“Clearly the most remarkable nonfiction film project in the history of the medium.” - New York Observer

“CRITIC'S PICK! Remarkable, poignant, fascinating. An analogous project in print or even still photographs wouldn't be as powerful, because what gives the 'UP' series its punch is not so much its longevity or the human spectacle it offers, but that these are moving images of touchingly vibrant lives at certain moments in time and space. The more you watch, the more the movies transform from mirrors into memory machines, ones that inevitably summon reflections of your own life.”
- The New York Times

“Awe-inducing. Apted has created a series of films as profound as they are straightforward: here is a chronicle of real human souls evolving in real time, a longitudinal study unique to the medium of moving images - and a documentary masterpiece. With each passing calendar leap, the experience of watching has only become more soul-stirring. Grade: A.”
- Entertainment Weekly

“To see '56 UP' is to be reunited with an old friend. Make that 13 old friends, together again for a documentary project the likes of which the world has never seen...a matchless portrait of our time. A singular film...such a privilege to be able to watch Apted's project as it continues to unfold.” - Los Angeles Times

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