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A film by Tom Hayes

97 minutes, documentary, color, 2013

DVD Extras: Three Extended Interviews (Gore Vidal on William Buckley • Nora Ephron at Esquire • Gay Talese: Sinatra has a Cold)

Exploring the revolution in journalism sparked by the turbulence of the 1960s, Smiling Through the Apocalypse: Esquire in the 60s is the story of maverick editor Harold T.P. Hayes, who made Esquire magazine a galvanizing force in American culture.

In this fascinating documentary, filmmaker Tom Hayes (Harold’s son) paints a portrait of editorial genius using the voices and images of the iconic writers, photographers and artists who, with Hayes at the helm, brought Esquire to the vanguard of the cultural revolution.

Encouraging unprecedented journalistic freedom, Hayes curated many of the most talented artists and writers of the time including Tom Wolfe, Gay Talese, Nora Ephron, Peter Bogdanovich, Gore Vidal, Norman Mailer, and George Lois, all of whom provide vivid recollections of those charmed years in the film. He also gave bylines to established literary giants, among them Dorothy Parker and W.H. Auden
“Vivid...fascinating!” - Los Angeles Times

“A wonderful reminder of a time when monthly magazines were gleaming, state-of-the-art, ad-stuffed engines of both fact and sensibility, and guides to a confident, contemptuous, and romantic new postwar cosmopolitanism.” - Vulture

“A compelling story of challenge, triumph, and defeat, painting an explicit portrait of an era through a man who cultivated an extraordinary group of writers, photographers and artists, providing avid context for nothing less than the rebirth of American aesthetics.” - Encore Magazine

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