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A film by Ky Dickens

86 minutes, color


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UPC: 7-20229-91423-9
Catalog #: FRF914239
SRP: $24.95

Street Date: April 20

What does the Bible really say about being gay?Inspired by the experience of coming out as a lesbian to her sorority sisters during her senior year at Vanderbilt, filmmaker Ky Dickens explores the Biblical passages used to condemn homosexuality in this informative yet entertaining documentary. Interweaving whimsical animation with enlightening interviews from both within the lesbian and gay community and as well with theologians from across the country, FISH OUT OF WATER breaks down seven key passages from the Old and New Testaments – from Adam and Eve to Sodom and Gomorrah and the Purity Codes – while confronting the debate over translation and historical context that affect today’s interpretations of the Bible.

FISH OUT OF WATER is essential viewing for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of this contentious issue, or who is engaged in our national dialogue about faith, homosexuality and same-sex marriage.


“I loved this film! It's a must-see for everyone.” - DAN KARSLAKE, DIRECTOR OF FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO

“A deep look at how certain messages get pumped through the pulpit.”- CHICAGO SUN TIMES

“Director Ky Dickens tackles both sides of this debate with an arsenal of honesty and passion.”

“We, the church and its leaders at all levels, need this film.”



A film by Jennifer Grausman & Mark Becker

99 minutes, color


UPC: 7-20229-91426-0
Catalog #: FRF914260D
SRP: $24.95

Street Date: April 20

There’s a force-of-nature at Frankford High School in Philadelphia. Her name is Wilma Stephenson and she runs an infamous Culinary Arts “boot camp” for students. A teacher for 40 years, Wilma can be blunt and cantankerous – but beneath her tough exterior is a person who cares passionately about getting the best out of her kids.

PRESSURE COOKER documents an entire school year with Wilma and her students. At a school where over 40% of the students don’t even make it to their senior year, Wilma shows her kids how to achieve her version of the American dream: Choose a realistic goal. Work hard. Work the system. And get out of Northeast Philly.

At the end of the year, culinary students from all over Philly compete in a one-day cook-off, where top chefs judge the students’ skills and talent. Scholarships are on the line; success will depend upon how dedicated they’ve been over the last year – enduring stressful home lives while still finding the motivation to wake up at 6AM to get to class early enough to master crepes and tournée potatoes.


Jennifer Grausman, Director and Producer
Most recently, Jennifer Grausman co-produced Eric Mendelsohn’s narrative feature, Three Backyards (2009). Before beginning production on PRESSURE COOKER, Jennifer Grausman produced six short films. Dear Lemon Lima, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival (2007), and Solidarity screened at the New York Film Festival (2005). In 2006, she was the production supervisor on The Killing Floor, an independent feature film. A graduate of the MFA film program at Columbia University, Grausman was honored with the 2005 Best Producer Award at the Columbia University Film Festival and the Arthur Krim Memorial Award in 2004. Prior to graduate school, she was the Manager of Exhibition and Film Funding at The Museum of Modern Art. She earned her BFA in Art History at Duke

Mark Becker, Director and Editor, Cinematographer
Mark Becker produces, directs, shoots and edits documentaries in New York. As a filmmaker, Becker made the acclaimed Romantico, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, where it was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize, and received two Independent Spirit Award nominations (Best Documentary and Truer Than Fiction Award). Romantico was released theatrically in 2006 by Kino International. Becker was co-editor of Lost Boys of Sudan, winner of an Independent Spirit Award. He earned a Masters Degree from the Documentary Film Program at Stanford


Special Jury Prize, Los Angeles Film Festival
Audience Award, Aspen Film Festival
Editing, Honorable Mention, Woodstock Film Festival
Audience Award, Portland International Film Festival
Best Documentary, Philadelphia Cinefest
Best Documentary-Honorable Mention, Nashville Film Festival
Audience Award, Berkshire International Film Festival

“A heart-grabbing, awe-inspiring work that needs no embellishment.” - PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER

“Moving, inspirational and tremendously real!” - LOS ANGELES TIMES“Joyous!” - SEATTLE TIMES

" Excellent! A fitting tribute to a selfless role model with an big heart and an indomitable spirit. Let’s face it, they don’t make ‘em like Wilma Stephenson anymore.” - NEWSBLAZE.

“A reminder of what the right teacher can mean to a kid looking for a way out.” - VILLAGE VOICE

“Pressure Cooker may not get the royal hype accorded Julie & Julia, but it merits a place of honor at the table.” - WASHINGTON POST

“Breathtakingly equal opportunity in its search for human poetry.” - SLANT MAGAZINE

“I grew a deep hunger while watching Pressure Cooker, not just from the students’ mouthwatering dishes, but from the fact that teacher/chef Wilma Stephenson could uniformly inspire such success.” - FILM THREAT

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