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A film by Tony Gerber and Jesse Moss

85 minutes, color, 2008

DVD Bonus Features • Bonus Scenes • Photo Gallery • Filmmaker Q&A at SXSW
UPC: 7-20229-91389-8
Catalog #: FRF 913898D
SRP: $24.95 /CAN.: $29.95
Street Date: September 15

FULL BATTLE RATTLE is a revelatory look at the soul of the American war machine – an astonishing journey inside a once top-secret military base where U.S. soldiers train to confront a new kind of enemy.

In California’s Mojave Desert, the U.S. Army has built a billion dollar urban warfare simulation – a cluster of towns and villages modeled on counterparts in the Middle East, complete with full-time residents played by Iraqi Americans. With un-restricted access, the filmmakers follow an Army Battalion through the simulation as they attempt to bring peace and prosperity to one village perched on the brink of civil war. As the mood in the village shifts from friendly banter to violent clashes, the Battalion struggles to win the respect of the townsfolk and defeat an insurgency played, ironically, by American soldiers.

From the moment this stunningly realistic war game begins, the stakes are high and the emotions at fever pitch. As reality and fantasy collide, FULL BATTLE RATTLE moves from comic to surreal to poignant – revealing the challenges and perhaps futility in “liberating” people half a world away.

• Winner! Special Jury Award, SXSW Film Festival
• Official Selection, Berlin Film Festival


“An indelible vision of modern war.” - DAVID EDELSTEIN, NEW YORK MAGAZINE

“Surreal and fabulously disorienting.” - J. HOBERMAN, VILLAGE VOICE

“Remarkably thorough and detailed.” - A.O. SCOTT, THE NEW YORK TIMES

“Fascinating, surreal, but profoundly humane.” - JOE WILLIAMS, ST. LOUIS POST DISPATCH TIMES

“Provocative and quite revealing.” - KEN FOX, TV GUIDE

“Utterly stunning - some of the greatest and most surreal comedy I've seen. It would be a sublime satire if it wasn't horribly true.” - JAMES CHRISTOPHER, THE TIMES OF LONDON

“I don't know whether to laugh or cry.” - RICHARD WOODWARD, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

“An entertaining, often very funny, but ultimately revealing and unsettling film.”


Directed by Sam Hoffman

44 minutes, color, 2009

UPC: 7-20229-91392-8
Catalog #: FRF 913928D
SRP: $19.95
/CAN.: $24.95
Street Date: September 15

Just what it’s called: old Jews telling jokes. The 18 joke tellers featured aren’t professionals; rather they’re doctors, lawyers, a garment worker, a wine salesman – just like your favorite Jewish uncle or grandparent. With wonderful timing and mannerisms, and bouncy klezmer music backing them up, these funny old alter kockers deliver, with great delight, the off-color and risqué jokes from a bygone era.


“Be prepared to laugh out loud!” - JEWCY.COM

“A little bit Woody Allen, a little bit Catskills, and a little bit Rob Reiner’s mother in the When Harry Met Sally deli scene. And it’s pretty much guaranteed to make you happy!” - NBC NEW YORK

“As simple as it is brilliant!” - JEWISH JOURNAL

“It’s awesome! Whether you’re Jewish or not, you’ll certainly be entertained!” - TILZY.TV

Editor's Pick! “It’s very funny...go laugh!” - OPEN SALON



A film by Joachim Kunert

164 minutes, b/w, German w/English subtitles, 1965

DVD Bonus Features • Short Film on DP Rolf Sohre • Biographies & Filmographies

UPC: 7-20229-91390-4
Catalog #: FRF913904D
SRP: $24.95 /CAN.: $29.95

Street Date: September 15

Two 17 year-olds, Werner and his best friend Gilbert, are pulled out of school and into Hitler’s army. While Gilbert becomes a fanatical soldier, Werner begins to understand the senselessness of war. A political and artistic masterpiece, the film was voted one of the 100 most important German films of all time.

• Winner! Cannes, Edinburgh, Moscow and Carthage Film Festivals


“Brilliant, powerful, first rate!” - VARIETY

“One of German cinema's most significant attempts to come to terms with the past.” - FILMKRITIC (GERMANY)


A film by Falk Harnack

111 minutes, b/w, German w/English subtitles, 1951

DVD Bonus Features • Short Film on Falk Harnack • Essay on Arnold Zweig • Biographies & Filmographies

UPC: 7-20229-91391-1
Catalog #: FRF913911D
SRP: $24.95
/CAN.: $29.95

Street Date: September 15

Germany 1934: the Nazis need a hangman to put a group of political prisoners to death. Teetjen, the town butcher, makes the biggest mistake of his life: facing bankruptcy, he agrees to do the dirty deed. Adapted from the novel by German-Jewish author Arnold Zweig, this important classic was directed by a former anti-Nazi resistance fighter.

Based on the novel by Arnold Zweig. Script by Wolfgang Staudte (The Murderers Are Among Us, Rotation, The Kaiser's Lackey)


“A rediscovered treasure!” - ANNE NELSON, AUTHOR OF RED ORCHESTRA

“Top grade.” - VARIETY




3 DVDs starring Todd Robbins, America's #1 con man
Based on Robbins' bestselling book, The Modern Con Man

195 minutes, color, 2008

UPC: 7-20229-91393-5
Catalog #: FRF 913935D
SRP: $29.95
Street Date: September 15

You may have seen America’s #1 Con Man, Todd Robbins, on Leno, Letterman, or Conan. But it’s just as likely you’ve never heard of him - because Todd is a well-known authority and practitioner of all things deceptive.

Now, in The Modern Con Man Collection, Todd shares his catalog of cons and playful scams. This 3 DVD set shows you how easy it is to scam, bet, and trick your way to a free drink, a few extra bucks at the poker table, and laughs at the expense of your co-workers. Expect to make friends too, with this fun, tongue-in-cheek guide to suckering those you love — and those you’d like to know.

Learn games you’ll never lose, tricks they won’t figure out, and cons they’ll never see coming. With his concise and witty direction, Robbins ensures that all you’ll need to succeed is a smooth smile. Everyone loves a good con. And now, thanks to Todd Robbins, everyone can get in on the action!


“Hilarious!” - FOX TV

“Fantastic talent!” - HOWARD STERN

“Todd is a god.” - PENN & TELLER

“A legend!” - NY POST

“The flim-flam maestro!” - NEW YORK MAGAZINE

“The master deceptionist!” - STUFF MAGAZINE

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