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A film by John Hancock

110 minutes, fiction, color, English, 2015

The Looking Glass is the latest triumph from Academy Award-nominated director John Hancock (Bang the Drum Slowly, Prancer) and his longtime collaborator and wife, Dorothy Tristan (Klute, Scarecrow).

After losing her mother, troubled 13-year-old Julie (played by newcomer Grace Tarnow) comes to live with her grandmother (Tristan), who is a former star of stage and screen. Feeling trapped in her new world, Julie struggles to find peace and happiness as she and her grandmother butt heads at every turn. An unexpected discovery of their shared talent enables Julie to find her voice, her passion and, ultimately, happiness.

“In the intimate, resonant 'Looking Glass,' an aging actress (the strikingly beautiful and very talented Ms. Tristan) mentors a troubled granddaughter (the engaging Ms. Tarnow).” - The New York Times

“A deeply felt film...Grace Tarnow's gorgeous, lilting voice carries a wisdom well beyond her years.” - Village Voice

“Moving...touching in its depiction of the complexly drawn relationship between the central female characters, with Tristan delivering a superb late-career performance and Tarnow demonstrating a winning charisma as well as strong singing chops.” - The Hollywood Reporter

“A tender, well-acted drama brimming with warmth and humanism.” - NYC Movie Guru

“A lyrical, haunting film. Tristan creates a complex portrait of an aging woman who is committed to impart worthwhile values and ambitions to her granddaughter, while struggling with her own mortality. Tarnow is impressively self-possessed and poised as an angry young girl who emerges from her guarded shell. It's an auspicious debut.” - Film Journal International

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A film by Vincent Garenq

102 minutes, fiction/thriller, color, French w/ English subtitles, 2014

In this ripped-from-the-headlines French thriller, journalist Denis Robert (Point Blank's Gilles Lellouche) sets the world of finance ablaze when he exposes a major European bank's opaque operations. In his search for the truth, he uncovers a dark political financial machine of bribes and threats.

“A fascinating story of false bank accounts and alleged international money laundering which pitted two of France's best-known politicians against each other.” - French Cinema Review

“'The Clearstream Affair' teases out not only the intricacies of an ongoing scandal lasting much of last decade, but the extraordinary human toll on journalist Denis Robert.” - Variety

“Vincent Garenq's ripped-from-the-headlines saga is based on the real exploits of Denis Robert - an investigative journalist who spent years tracking the illicit activities of the Luxembourg-based Clearstream bank, uncovering ties with leading French companies and government officials. The film provides a comprehensive overview of an incident that made local headlines throughout the last decade.” - The Hollywood Reporter

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A film by Muffie Meyer

88 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2015

We spend a trillion dollars a year on high-tech tests, and yet almost 20% of patients are misdiagnosed. Making Rounds reintroduces the oldest diagnostic method - listening to the patient - by following two leading cardiologists from Mount Sinai Hospital, Dr. Valentin Fuster and Dr. Herschel Sklaroff, over a one-month period as they care for critically-ill heart patients in the Cardiac Care Unit at Mount Sinai Hospital. We accompany Fuster and Sklaroff as they teach future doctors the traditional art and science of a thorough bedside physical exam. "A great many diseases may be diagnosed," they tell us, "just by looking at a patient's hand."

Filmmaker Muffie Meyer (who co-directed Grey Gardens and The New Medicine) shows Fuster's and Sklaroff's decades of experience in action as they correct misdiagnoses and save lives, demonstrating - in real-world situations - that simply observing and listening to patients remain medicine's most indispensable tools.

“An engaging study of bedside manner, 'Making Rounds' demonstrates the real value of medicine with a human touch...showing just how vital listening is to the process.”
- Village Voice

“'Making Rounds' follows the disappearing art and science of how to listen, examine, and diagnose patients...highlighting the back-to-basics approach favored by two leading cardiologists.” - Utne Reader

“Involving and illuminating!” - Edge Media Network

“Two old-time doctors are keeping the human touch alive, diagnosing patients with a refreshing lack of reliance on technology in this important, sweet-natured documentary.” - This Week in New York

“A delightfully engrossing look at modern healthcare.” - Criterion Cast

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