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New Documentaries and Indie Films on DVD and VOD March 3

A film by Ian McDonald

100 minutes, documentary, b/w, 2013
In English, Hindi, Tamil & Odiya w/ English subtitles
Optional Audio Description Service (ADS) for sight impaired

DVD Extras: Deleted & Extended Scenes • Post-screening Filmmaker Q&A • Short Film Seescapes

In India, a group of boys dream of becoming Chess Grandmasters. But this is no ordinary chess and these are no ordinary players. Algorithms is a documentary that transports us into the little known world of Blind Chess.

Chess is an ancient and universal game with origins in India. Filmed over three years in different parts of India, Algorithms follows three boys and an adult champion who not only aspires to bring global recognition to India's blind chess players, but also wants to encourage all blind children to play chess.

The filmmakers travel with the players to competitive tournaments, including the World Junior Blind Chess Championship. They also film them in their home milieu where they reveal their struggles, anxieties and hopes. Moving through the algorithms of the blind chess world, the film is a tactile and mindful journey that challenges the notion of what it means to "see."

“Soulful...deeply moving.” - Village Voice

Algorithms is a completely unique film, unlike any other documentary you might see this year, both for its content and its form. It is also a deeply absorbing, timeless, universal tale with themes anyone can find inspiration in: triumph over adversity, family love, and a deep respect for the spirit of competition and the tradition of an ancient game." - Indiewire

A winning documentary that develops into a story as intense and focused as its subjects.”
- The Guardian

“A powerful, engaging film. The cinematography is superb.” - CineSource Magazine

UPC: 720229916394 | Catalog #: FRF916394D | $27.95 | Street: March 3
A film by Amei Wallach

103 minutes, documentary, color, 2013
In English, Russian & German w/ English subtitles

DVD Extras: Extended Interviews • Outtakes

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: Enter Here portrays two of Russia's most celebrated international artists, now American citizens, as they come to terms with the new Russia. Two decades after he fled the Soviet Union, Ilya Kabakov overcomes his fears to create six art installations in venues throughout Moscow, where he was once forbidden to exhibit his art. Amidst the cacophony of a city and a country in dizzying transition, he comes face to face with the memories that have made him who he is.

Through the eyes of artists who experienced Stalin's tyranny, through the rich underground art scene that arose during the Soviet Union's later stagnation, Enter Here explores the ways in which art can outwit oppression, illuminate what comes next, and transcend time - offering a beacon of light for repressed societies today.

“A marvelous documentary.” - The New Yorker

“A graceful, enormously moving portrait of a complicated artist and an artistic collaboration. Like the Kabakovs' installations, it resists its own frame in time and space and invites you to return once and again.” - Artforum

“Ms. Wallach has fashioned a multifaceted, informative portrait conveying the emotional urgency of the Kabakovs' work... an intimate picture of Soviet life across many decades of utopian ambition and upheaval. Dynamically shot, inquisitive camerawork and well-chosen instrumental music conspire to keep the viewer immersed.” - The New York Times

“Sparkling...a marvelous blend of wit, craft and intelligence.” - The Jewish Week

UPC: 720229916431 | Catalog #: FRF916431D | $27.95 |Street: March 3
A film by Brilliante Mendoza

120 minutes, fiction, color, 2012
In English & Tagalog w/ English subtitles

DVD packaged in certified Green Forestry eco pack

In this relentless thriller, French star Isabelle Huppert brings passion and courage to her portrayal of a hostage caught in a seemingly hopeless situation.

At a beach resort in the Philippines, 20 guests are kidnapped by an Islamic separatist group fighting for their independence. French social worker Therese Bourgoine is among those taken to a jungle island, with the Filipino army in pursuit. As the captors and their hostages journey through dense jungle terrain, trying to avoid the bullets and artillery salvos fired indiscriminately at them, an unexpected bond grows between the kidnappers and hostages.

“Raw, visceral immediacy...harrowing...on the level of total authenticity, it's entirely successful.”
- Variety

“Often powerful...relentless in its action. Huppert is always beguiling.” - Screen Daily

“Dramatically potent, psychologically complex...a story of strangers in a strange land, of those whose nationalities and faiths are questioned by ruthless men possessed of a violent passion in an environment that is foreign and dangerous.” - Screen-Space

UPC: 720229916400 | Catalog #: FRF916400D | $24.95 | Street: March 3
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