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A film by Werner Boote

90 minutes, documentary, color, 2013
In English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Hindi w/ English subtitles

DVD packaged in certified Green Forestry eco pack

How many people are too many? And who’s one too many? Is this even the right question to ask? One thing is certain: 25 years ago there were five billion of us. Today, there are seven. Dwindling resources, mountains of toxic waste, hunger and climate change - the results of overpopulation?

In Population Boom, acclaimed director Werner Boote (Plastic Planet) traverses the globe armed with a World Bank umbrella to examine the myths and facts about overpopulation. Like a contemporary Socrates with a wry sense of humor, Boote questions the conventional wisdom. From Kenya's slums to Dhaka in Bangladesh to New York City, China, Japan and elsewhere, Boote speaks with everyone from demographic researchers to environmental activists, and comes to a surprising conclusion. It isn’t overpopulation that threatens humanity’s existence. Rather, it is the developed world’s patterns of over-consumption and constant pursuit of immediate profit that looms over our future.

Is overpopulation a myth with the sole purpose of covering up larger and far more important problems, and making the world's population the scapegoat of a far more complex game? "It is not about how many of us there are, but about how we treat each other," Boote recognizes. Population Boom starts with this as the basis for a debate, and becomes a cinematic journey with the masses between myth, facts and politics.

“Powerful!” - Tagesspiegel

An important film." - NDR Kulturjournal

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A film by Laetitia Colombani

92 minutes, fiction, color, French w/ English subtitles, 2003

Talented art student Angelique (Audrey Tautou) is madly in love with Loic, a married cardiologist whose wife is expecting their first child. Things take a dangerous turn as Angelique grows less discreet in her affections and her attempts to separate the couple fail. Halfway through, this black comedy takes a dramatic turn and the film reverses perspective, showing the preceding events from Loic's (wildly different) point-of-view.

“Arresting entertainment! Darkly witty, with a twist ending that is both utterly surprising and utterly right.”
- TIME Magazine

“A devious romantic thriller.”- The New York Times

“Smart and intriguing! It twists perceptions and upsets expectations.” - Chicago Tribune

“Cleverly deceptive. A chilling psychological suspense film. ” - Los Angeles Times

“Audrey Tautou gives new meaning to the phrase 'madly in love.'” -

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A film by Wu Tianming

91 minutes, fiction, color, 1999
In Mandarin w/ English subtitles

Winner of more than 25 top honors at film festivals worldwide, revered Chinese director Wu Tianming's The King of Masks is a poignant tale about a lonely old magician and a luckless child bound together by fate and suffering, and redeemed by the power of love. The King of Masks is an elderly street performer, a master of the Sichuan opera art of changing silk masks so quickly that it appears to be magic. Bereft from the loss of his family many years ago, he searches for an heir to impart his talents and skills upon - but tradition dictates that this secret art can only be passed to a direct male heir. Living in the 1930's in a time of famine and social disruption, The King of Masks adopts an impoverished street urchin named "Doggie" and sets out to train him in the art, at great personal costs. After Doggie's secret identity is revealed, the pair embarks on a journey to find a new heir, to disastrous consequences.

“A new Chinese film of simplicity, beauty and surprising emotional power.” - Chicago Sun-Times

“Both a charming film and a contemporary allegory, old-fashioned storytelling and scathing commentary.” - Film Journal International

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