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A film by David Sington

95 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2015

Part confessional and part performance, this haunting psychological thriller is a stylistically daring experiment in storytelling.

Nick, a death row inmate, petitions the court to be executed. As he goes on to tell his story, it gradually becomes clear that nothing is quite what it seems. Nick spins his tale with all the twists and turns of classic crime drama, with a final shocking twist that casts everything in a new light.

“The staggering true story of a convicted murderer who demanded his own execution after 20 years on death row. Engrossing.” - Variety

“Filled with unexpected twists, jaw-dropping developments and the heartwarming, hard-earned sense of a person able to transcend even the most humbling of circumstances, [this] is the kind of captivating monologue that works its way under the viewer's skin. Utterly spellbinding.” - Screen Daily

UPC: 720229916998 | Catalog #: FRF916998D | $19.95 | Street: June 7
A film by Sebastian Ko

95 minutes, fiction, color, German w/ English subtitles, 2015

How far would you go to protect your child? Two parents are about to find out. After their teenage daughter Sarah confesses to the killing of her best friend Charlie, the recently separated Paul and Christine decide to hide the crime. Their collective guilt forces the family back together, creating a web of lies and deadly intentions with no way out.

“A brilliant, tense, and disturbing film that takes the fears of a parent and pushes them into overdrive. An absolute must see. ” - Toronto Film Scene

“Thoroughly compelling performances...a very promising debut.” - Cinemablographer

“Topnotch acting and all-encompassing imagery. Sebastian Ko's debut feature film is nothing short of first-class cinema and entertainment.” - Filmship

UPC: 720229917001 | Catalog #: FRF917001D | $19.95 | Street: June 7
A film by Sabine Gasiger

74 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2014

Bestselling author and noted scholar Irvin D. Yalom is one of the most influential psychotherapists living today. This cinematic documentary is more than a typical biography: together with Dr. Yalom we embark on an existential journey through the many layers of the human mind, navigating the depths and shallows of our psyche. Along the way we learn about Yalom's groundbreaking work in the development of the field of psychotherapy, and listen as he reveals some of his most fundamental insights and wisdom.

“Intelligent...feels like a particularly great, inspiriting therapy session.” - Film Journal

“A tender homage to the renowned psychiatrist Irvin D. Yalom, Yalom's Cure will appeal to those with an interest in the therapeutic process.” - LA Weekly

“The proverb 'physician, heal thyself' comes to mind while watching this fittingly meditative documentary portrait of psychotherapist-professor Irvin D. Yalom that offers a candid glimpse into the bestselling author's private life. The film dispenses an intricate fusion of the past and present that informs our own everyday existence.” - Los Angeles Times

UPC: 720229916981 | Catalog #: FRF916981D | $24.95 | Street: June 7
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