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A film by Gabriella Kessler & Jean-Loic Portron

Available on iTunes and DVD September 1

100 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2013

DVD packaged in certified Green Forestry eco pack

A few miles outside of Pittsburgh lies the town of Braddock, the last bastion of steel. Like many cities in the industrial heartland, Braddock has seen better days. Illuminated by images of days long gone and the haunting voices of its remaining inhabitants, Braddock, America tells the story of a city hit hard by globalization. But behind the rusty façades, the community comes together as it tries to shape its future and reinvent itself in a post-industrial America.

“Critic's Pick! A blue collar poem that pays bittersweet tribute to a once-thriving steel town. A heartbreaking look at what industrialization wrought and globalization wrecked.” - The New York Times

“Follows in the footsteps of 'Roger and Me' and 'Detropia.'” - The Hollywood Reporter

“An enormously powerful portrait of a once-mighty steel town, the film is an unforgettable document of postindustrial America and a reflection on the fate of so many similar towns throughout the United States.” - The Village Voice

UPC: 720229916653 | Catalog #: FRF916653D | $24.95 | Street: September 1

A film by Drew Taylor & Larry Weinstein

Available on iTunes August 25 and DVD September 1

85 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2014

DVD Extras: Discussion with Directors • Q&A at the Toronto Film Festival • Playable Soundtrack • Optional Audio Description Service (ADS) for the Sight Impaired

Our Man In Tehran explores the real story behind the Oscar-winning film Argo. In this gripping documentary, the story of the "Canadian Caper" is told by the man who knows it best: Ken Taylor, Canada’s former ambassador to Iran, who hid the six Americans and obtained the counterfeit documents that allowed them to make their dramatic escape from Tehran. The film uncovers new information and adds valuable context, including a historical overview of Iran as well as interviews with the rescued Americans, former Prime Minister Joe Clark, ex-CIA officer Tony Mendez, and many others.

“There's nothing like hearing a harrowing tale from the people who lived it.” - The New York Times

“With sterling journalism, this fascinating and fast-paced documentary about the 'Canadian Caper' is an espionage thriller in itself.” - Film Journal International

“Takes this exciting story and gives it an immediacy that makes it feel topical and deeply thrilling. A beautifully made piece of work.” - Criterion Cast

“A counterpart to 'Argo' that straightens out the liberties that film took with historical facts.” - The Hollywood Reporter

“An intelligent and tension-filled story that breathes life into historical events and adds rich detail to the events from the people who were there.” - Toronto Star

“Fascinating...this film had me in its grip from the very opening.” - Pop Culture Beast

UPC: 720229916660 | Catalog #: FRF916660D | $27.95 | Street: September 1

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