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A film by Josh Aronson

83 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2015

Talent Has Hunger is an inspiring film about the power of music to consume, enhance, and propel lives. Filmed over 7 years, the film is a window into the mysterious world of the artist, the passion that can grip and sustain a young player from childhood through the last days of life and the years of sacrifice and dedication a budding artist needs to fulfill one's talent. The film focuses on the challenges of guiding gifted young people through the struggles of mastering the cello. Through the words and actions of master cello teacher, Paul Katz, it's clear that this deep study of music not only prepares wonderful musicians, but builds self-esteem and a cultural and aesthetic character that will be profoundly important throughout his students' lives.

“Like a musical Hoop Dreams! An illuminating celebration of music and the art of teaching.” - Boston Globe

“Fabulous - full of wisdom, warmth and compassion. 'Talent Has Hunger' captures that rare magical process of a master teacher at work that made me feel he was not just teaching cello was a lesson to all of us.” - Yo-Yo Ma

“'Talent Has Hunger' is beautiful. It shows that great teachers are the rarest, most precious, and, yes, the most gifted among all of us.” - Emanuel Ax

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A film by Tamar Rogoff & Daisy Wright

68 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2015

The unlikely collaboration between a veteran choreographer and a young actor with cerebral palsy delivers astonishing proof that each and every body is capable of miraculous transformation. As Tamar Rogoff trains Gregg Mozgala to become a dancer, they discover that her lack of formal medical training and his fears and physical limitations are not obstacles, but the impetus for their unprecedented discoveries.

Enter The Faun is the story of a joyous, obsessive journey towards opening night. It challenges the boundaries of medicine and art, as well as the limitations associated with disability.

“A wonderfully unlikely buddy movie. Their intrepid work yields breathtaking surprises for them personally and the medical community at large.” - Claire Danes

“Not only revelatory, but profoundly moving.” - Deborah Jowitt, Dance Critic and Historian

“A remarkable story. Will be of great interest not just to dance enthusiasts but to those whose lives are touched by cerebral palsy.” - John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

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A film by David Massey

40 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2015

Directed by Oscar-nominated and NAACP Image Award winner David Massey, this dynamic documentary explores why so many unarmed black people have been targeted and killed by police officers. The filmmakers talk to legal experts, activists and law enforcement officials who discuss the inequality within our criminal justice system and who confront the crucial question of how to prevent more violence in this country, including Black on Black deaths.

As the Black Lives Matter movement — and citizens nationwide — question the accountability of our justice system in cases of police violence, WHEN JUSTICE ISN’T JUST is an essential addition to the ongoing discussion about reform and renewal.

“It was a pleasure participating in this thought-provoking documentary.” - Dr. Melina Abdullah, Black Lives Matter

“Thank you for continuing to beat the drum!” - Blair Underwood

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