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A film by Jeremy Sims

123 minutes, fiction, color, English, 2015

Rex is a cab driver who has never left the mining town of Broken Hill in his life. When he discovers he doesn't have long to live, he decides to drive through the heart of the country to Darwin, where he's heard he will be able to die on his own terms; but along the way he discovers that before you can end your life you've got to live it, and to live it you've got to learn to share it.

“Smartly directed by Jeremy Sims, this sweet-hearted film packs an emotional punch.” - The New York Times

“Stirring, darkly humorous... There's much to admire about this alternately tough and tender film, including a fine turn by Caton, some striking outback scenery, and many resonant thoughts about living — and dying.” - Los Angeles Times

“There is a certain kind of film, rare in the best of times, that exudes a distinct creative concentration, a precisely measured marinade of character and story that suggests an extended gestation period of forethought and planning. Bill Pohlad's 'Love & Mercy' is such a film, and so is George Miller's 'Mad Max: Fury Road.' Harnessing the intimate scale of the former and the root cultural vibe of the latter (minus the extreme speed), Jeremy Sims' 'Last Cab to Darwin' tells the moving tale of a dying taxi driver and his cross-country quest.” - Variety

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A film by Barbara Kopple

92 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2015

Directed by two-time Academy Award winner Barbara Kopple, Hot Type: 150 Years of The Nation is a vivid look at America's oldest continuously published weekly magazine. Centered through Editor Katrina vanden Heuvel, as well as an impressive array of passionate writers, the film is a journey into the soul of American Journalism. With unfettered access and unfiltered honesty, Hot Type captures the day-to-day pressures and challenges of publishing a weekly magazine and illuminates how the past continuously ripples through and shapes current events. It is the story of The Nation - and the nation - evolving into the future as it is guided by its remarkable past.

Featuring Rev. William Barber II, Bill Moyers, Rachel Maddow, Victor Navasky, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Ben Jealous, Amy Wilentz, Eric Alterman, Rick Perlstein, Betsy Reed and more.

“Purely enjoyable! A spectacular, crowd-pleasing masterwork.” -

“Beginning with a striking montage, 'Hot Type' recounts The Nation's development from its 1865 founding by Republican abolitionists to its veer towards its liberal bent during the heyday of Roosevelt's New Deal.” - The Hollywood Reporter

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A film by Carlos Saura

85 minutes, documentary, color, Spanish w/ English subtitles, 2015

Poetic, riveting and moving, three-time Academy Award nominee Carlos Saura's latest foray into the music of Argentina explores the heart of traditional Argentine folklore and its stunning musical heritage - from traditional styles to modern dance. Now 84, the legendary director states: "by beginning with the most beautiful traditional songs, I wish to explore the deep, telluric connection between song and soil, tradition and the future...I will create a film that is not only for aficionados but for all lovers of music and dance - as well as those who especially liked Carmen or Tango. My desire is to create a cinematic experience unlike any other."

“Passionately political, sexy and ecstatic! There's charm in the sights and sounds. Joy, too. The stately dances neatly sidestep clichés of Latin American music, drawing their excitement instead from Saura's pared-down sets and his skill at generating a continuous flow of shifting tones.” - National Public Radio

“Wonderful songs and dances...a fine introduction to Argentina's traditional music and dance.” - The New York Times

“A thrilling, breathtaking watch. You'll dance out of the theater.” - WeNews

“CRITIC'S PICK! Hidden pleasures. Shot in an old barn in Buenos Aires' La Boca barrio, the film draws you in until nothing matters but the concentration of this population on their heritage and their pride.” - Village Voice

“Saura's curatorial skill is in showcasing the music's breadth and the performers' passion with the surest and subtlest of design choices. As you watch 'Argentina,' it truly is about the all-as-one: the music, the dance, the light Saura provides, and the illumination these performers bring themselves.” - Los Angeles Times

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