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A film by Ivy Meeropol

94 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2015

Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant looms just 35 miles from Times Square. With over 50 million people living in close proximity to the aging facility, its continued operation has the support of the plant's operators and the NRC - Nuclear Regulatory Commission - yet has stoked a great deal of controversy in the surrounding community, including a vocal anti-nuclear contingent concerned that what happened at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant could happen here. In the brewing fight for clean energy and the catastrophic possibilities of government complacency, director Ivy Meeropol presents a balanced argument about the issues surrounding nuclear energy and offers a startling reality check for our uncertain nuclear future.

“In a world where unabashed advocacy documentaries are thick on the land, Ivy Meeropol's expert 'Indian Point,' an evenhanded look at the issues surrounding nuclear power, is a welcome exception.” - Los Angeles Times

“Nuclear power is incredibly efficient...but highly dangerous if anything goes awry. That looming threat of danger pushes at the edges of the film, threatening rupture like a nuclear reactor. Someone needs to ask questions; here they are.” - Village Voice

“A cautionary tale about a technology once seen as an abundant and non-polluting energy source, but with downsides that could make oil spills and electrical brownouts seem as minor as a fender bender.” - The Daily Beast

“Rigorously balanced...disturbing.” - Newsday

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A film by Hemal Trivedi & Mohammed Ali Naqvi

84 minutes, documentary, color, English & Urdu w/ English subtitles, 2015

Firebrand cleric Abdul Aziz Ghazi, an ISIS supporter and Taliban ally, is waging jihad against the Pakistani government with the aim of imposing Shariah law. His primary weapon is his expanding network of Islamic seminaries for children as young as four. Among the Believers follows Aziz's personal quest, and charts the lives of two of his teenage students who are pawns in his ideological war.

“A superb documentary that offers an unfettered look at life inside and surrounding the extremist Red Mosque madrassa system…at once deeply scary when it comes to what it may presage about the future, and thoroughly enlightening.” - AM New York

“I found it alarming, but most of all I found I illuminating.” - Owen Gleiberman, BBC

“ONE OF 12 MUST-SEE PREMIERES AT TRIBECA. 'Among the Believers' might also qualify as Tribeca's scariest film this year. Boasting incredible access, directors Hemal Trivedi and Mohammed Ali Naqvi are invited into Red Mosque.” - Entertainment Weekly

“This expose of schools teaching religious extremism in Pakistan is both infuriating and remarkable for the degree of access obtained by the trenchant filmmakers.” - Indiewire

“An eye-opening behind the scenes portrait of the Red Mosque.” - The Daily Beast

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A film by John Junkerman

121 minutes, documentary, color, English & Japanese w/ English subtitles, 2016

On April 1, 1945, American troops landed on Okinawa, beginning a battle that claimed the lives of some 240,000 people. The film depicts the battle through the eyes of Japanese and American soldiers who fought each other, along with Okinawa civilians who were swept up in the fighting, with carefully selected footage from the U.S. National Archives. The film also conveys the postwar fate of Okinawa, home to U.S. military bases and American soldiers - and the related crimes, accidents, and pollution they have caused. In Okinawa, the legacy of the war translates into a deeply rooted aversion to military force. This has been expressed in recent years by the island-wide rejection of a plan to build a new U.S. base at Henoko, a source of controversy to this day. Okinawa: The Afterburn explores the roots of this resistance and Okinawa's vision for the future.

“One emerges not just with understanding and admiration, but also with hope.” - John W. Dower, Pulitzer Prize & National Book Award Winner

“A terrific tour-de-force, beautifully integrating the history with a contemporary perspective.” - Roger Pulvers, Novelist & Playwright

“Sheds light on the ferocious anger against U.S. bases.” - The Japan Times

UPC: 720229917148 | Catalog #: FRF917148D | $24.95 | Street: Oct 25
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