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A film by Sara Newens & Mina T. Son

81 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2014

Inside a cramped gym, the clacking sounds of hollow plastic balls whirling at 80 mph are punctuated by exclamations of victory and bitter cries of defeat. Welcome to the hidden world of competitive ping pong.

Three fiercely committed teenagers battle their way through the world of elite table tennis. With devoted parents by their side, they have traded normal teenage life for a chance to represent their country on the world's biggest athletic stage: the Olympics.

An inside look at an offbeat sport, Top Spin turns one of America's favorite pastimes on its head and reveals a coming-of-age story where success and failure come down to mere millimeters.

“Irresistible!” - Wall Street Journal

“Grips, exhilarates and breaks hearts... 'Top Spin' is table tennis' 'Hoop Dreams.'” - Los Angeles Times

“Thrilling!” - LA Weekly

“If you were a fan of 'Spellbound,' put 'Top Spin' on your must -see list.” - Nashville Scene

“Full of sizzling action and roller-coast er emotions.” - Seattle Times

“Rife with action, struggle and conflict... adds a welcome depth to the little-known Olympic sport.” - Paste Magazine

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A film by Stefan Liberski

100 minutes, fiction, color, 2014
In English, French & Japanese w/ English subtitles

Based on Amélie Nothomb's bestselling novel, Tokyo Fiancée is a dark romantic comedy that will appeal to fans of Jean-Pierre Jeunet's Amélie and Sofia Coppola's Lost in Translation.

The young, pixie-like Amélie is in love with all things Japanese, which prompts her to buy a one-way ticket to Tokyo in order to completely immerse herself in Japanese culture. She offers to work as a French tutor, and soon finds herself enjoying a passionate relationship with her only student, the charming Rinri. As the two explore the joys (and awkwardness) of their first real romance and the colorful city around them, many cultural barriers fall...but some still remain.

This captivating and unique comedy played in the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival and seduced audiences in Europe with its whimsical style and its playful look at misunderstandings, complications and the problems that arise from cultural stereotypes. Pauline Étienne, as Amélie, is winsome and wonderful as the enthusiastic young woman on a cross-cultural adventure of the heart.

“'Amélie' meets 'Lost in Translation.' Playful yet poignant. Though lithe of frame, Pauline Étienne fills the entire film with her sprightly spirit and warmth, and manages to be sexy and down-to-earth at once.” - Hollywood Reporter

“Charming, whimsical. mixes play fulness and intellect. A wry, reflective coming-of-age story... a portrait of the artist as a young woman who grows to understand what she wants and what is most important. The dimpled Pauline Étienne is a winning presence as Amélie.” - Variety

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A film by Kris Kaczor

82 minutes, documentary, color, English, 2014

Jean Hill, a fiery octogenarian, is deeply concerned about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch - the world's largest landfill. She spends her golden years attending city council meetings and cold-calling residents. Since 2010, she's spearheaded a grassroots campaign to ban the sale of single-serve plastic bottles in her hometown of Concord, Massachusetts. So far, her attempts to pass a municipal bylaw have failed. As she prepares for one last Town Meeting, Jean faces the strongest opposition yet-from skeptical residents, local merchants and the International Bottled Water Association. But her fiercest challenge comes from Adriana Cohen, mother, model and celebrity publicist-turned-pundit, who insists the bill is an attack on freedom.

When Adriana thrusts Jean's crusade into the national spotlight, it's silverhaired senior versus silver-tongued pro. In the same town that incited the American Revolution and inspired Thoreau's environmental movement, can one little old lady make history? A tense nail-biter of a vote will decide. (Angie Driscoll)

“A fascinating, entertaining look at how persistence and citizen action still means something in a corporate-controlled society.” - Michael Moore

“The stuff great films are made of. Thanks to Jean Hill I also saw what real courage looks like.” - The Huffington Post

“Endearing, impassioned and provocative...thoroughly engaging.” - Film in Words

“The perfect subject for a documentary.” - Nonfics

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