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87 minutes, color, 2010

A film by Micki Dickoff and Tony Pagano

Special Features • Short Film: Get on Board Courtroom Footage More

UPC: 7-20229-91453-6
Catalog #: FRF 914536D
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Street Date: January 18


In 1964, a mob of Klansmen murdered three civil rights workers in the small Mississippi county of Neshoba – the infamous “Mississippi Burning” murders. The young men, two Jews from New York and an African-American from Mississippi, were in the Deep South helping to register African-American voters during what came to be known as the Freedom Summer. Although the killers bragged about what they did, it took the State 40 years to indict the mastermind, Edgar Ray Killen, an 80-year-old Baptist preacher and notorious racist.

NESHOBA tells the story of these three American heroes and the long struggle to bring their killers to justice, in a place that is still dealing with the legacy of a violent and racist past.

Winner of 16 Awards in Festivals Worldwide


“Their legacy is our heritage.” - President Barack Obama

“Fascinating! A document of hope, progress and idealism but also a reminder.” - The New York Times

“Masterful.” - LA Weekly / Village Voice

- Time Out New York

“Potent & riveting.” - Variety

“A film about fiery passions and murderous deeds that is disturbing in ways that go beyond what might be expected.” - Los Angeles Times

“A gripping cautionary tale.” - The Jewish Week

“Critic's Pick! Gains raw power thanks to unrepentant racist Edgar Ray Killen’s unlikely cooperation with the film.” - New York Magazine



363 minutes on four discs, color

Four daring world classics in a Special Edition Box Set

Special Features • Directors' Notes Photo Galleries Biographies Africa in Context

UPC: 7-20229-91455-0
Catalog #: FRF 914550D
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Can. $54.95

Street Date: January 18

  This Special Edition Box Set includes the following four films from the Global Lens Collection:

Hollow City
One of the few films to have been made in Angola since it was torn apart by civil war, this drama about a war orphan who escapes from his caretakers to find the village where he grew up is set in Luanda in the aftermath of the war. (Portuguese w/English subt.) “By turns eye-opening and terrifying.” -Boston Globe

The Night of Truth
From Burkina Faso, this award-winning debut by one of Africa’s most talented female directors takes place on the night of a celebratory feast between two warring peoples who have finally agreed on peace. But lingering tension could trigger more bloodshed. (French, Mooré & Dioula w/English subt.) “Originality and heart...authentic, powerful!” -The New York Times

Another Man's Garden
Sofia, a young girl in Mozambique who is studying to be a doctor, finds that her professor wants more from her than hard work. This acclaimed feature debut brings to light the terrible struggle faced by women in many African countries. (Portuguese w/English subt.) “Richly atmospheric and full of telling details.” -Museum of Modern Art

Bunny Chow
In South Africa, three up-and-coming comedians make clear that life in Johannesburg is not just about hardship and townships. It’s also about relationships, hanging out and celebrating life on a raucous road trip to music fest Oppi Koppi. (Afrikaans & Tsotsi Taal w/English subt.) “Stylish energy...recalls early Spike Lee.” -The Hollywood Reporter


“Global Lens features some of the most daring and brilliant films being crafted the world over.”
- San Francisco Bay Guardian

“If you’re looking for authentic storytelling, go to the source: Global Lens.” - Cleveland Plain Dealer


Also Available on DVD:

8 Essential Films About the African-American Experience


Brick City is a provocative and eye-opening documentary series that fans out around the city of Newark, New Jersey to capture the daily drama of a community striving to become a better, safer, stronger place to live.


Wilma Stephenson teaches Culinary Arts at Frankford High School in Philadelphia. Infamously blunt, Mrs. Stephenson runs a “boot camp”, disciplining her students into capable chefs and responsible students.


With white Jewish lesbians for parents, Avery grew up in a unique and loving household. But her curiosity about her African-American roots thrusts her into an exploration of race and identity that threatens to distance her from her family.


This intimate documentary, which features candid interviews and glorious dance performances, demonstrates the talent and uninterrupted creativity of Carmen de Lavallade and Geoffrey Holder, two living legends in the world of American dance.


Godfrey Cheshire's film about his family's Southern plantation - and the colossal feat of moving it to escape urban sprawl - is a thoughtful and witty look at how the racial legacy from the past continues into the present.


Meet the Silver Belles, five tap dancers who performed in 1930’s Harlem. Together again, after a few decades hiatus, they're dancing to standing ovations - as sassy as they ever were.


Part personal odyssey and part chronicle of diplomacy in action, this timely documentary follows Barack Obama as he takes an emotional journey to Kisumu, Kenya - land of his ancestry.


Narrated by Gloria Steinem, Sex & Justice presents the highlights of the dramatic confrontation between Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas at his Supreme Court confirmation hearings before the United States Senate in 1991.

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