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80 minutes, documentary, color, 2009

A film by Liz Canner

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UPC: 7-20229-91467-3
Catalog #: FRF 914673D
SRP: $27.95 / CAN. $29.95

Street Date: June 21

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In the shocking and hilarious documentary ORGASM INC., filmmaker Liz Canner takes a job editing erotic videos to be used for a drug trial sponsored by a pharmaceutical company that is developing an orgasm cream for women. The experience launches Canner on a nine year odyssey as she follows the companies that are racing to be the first to win FDA approval for a product to cure a new condition - “female sexual dysfunction”. The potential prize: billions of dollars in profits.

Featuring illuminating footage and powerful interviews with sexperts, therapists, doctors and scientists, this enlightening film explores the strange science of female pleasure and in the process reveals the warped mentality of our pharmaceutical and medical industries. Upbeat, engaging and provocative, ORGASM INC. will change the way you think about sex.


“Critic's Pick! By taking a playful approach to a deeply serious subject, Orgasm Inc. explores the link between female sexuality and corporate profits with a style that’s as entertaining as it is revelatory. Vitally important story.” - The New York Times

“A desperately needed antidote to all the hype generated by pharmaceutical companies pursuing their holy grail: a female Viagra.” - Newsweek

“A sexy indictment of Big Pharma that gives a lot of great laughs!” - Toronto Star

“Eye-opening.” - The Hollywood Reporter

“A must-see! An expertly crafted, common-sense attack on Big Pharma’s shameless corporatization of health.” - Variety

“Both poignant and hilarious, Orgasm Inc. will leave you hot and bothered.” - Time Magazine

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