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80 minutes, documentary, color, 2010

A film by Norberto López Amada & Carlos Carcas

UPC: 7-20229-91513-7 | Catalog #: FRF 915137D | SRP: $27.95

Special Features Directors Q&A • Filmmaker Biographies

Street Date: June 19

Born in Manchester, England, on the wrong side of the tracks, Norman Foster rose from a humble working class background to become one of the premiere modern architects of our time. Beautifully filmed in over ten countries and homing in on his most iconic works, including London's Swiss Re Tower, New York's Hearst Building, Berlin's Reichstag, Beijing Airport's International Terminal and the breathtaking Millau Viaduct, over the Gorges du Tarn in France, How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster? is an unprecedented exploration of an architect whose quest is to improve the quality of life through design, and his work, which offers striking solutions to humanity's increasing demands.

Featuring Norman Foster, Anthony Caro, Buckminster Fuller, Paul Goldberger, Cai Guo-Qiang, Anish Kapoor, Richard Long, Richard Rogers, Richard Serra, Deyan Sudjic & more

“The Mozart of modernism.” - The New Yorker

“Dazzlingly shot...stirring! The film is an architecture lover's dream. Captures the beauty and breadth of Foster's output with eye-popping swoop and grandeur.” - Los Angeles Times

“Hugely enjoyable.” - The Observer (London)

“Elegant and stylish. With true poetic beauty, this rich, revealing documentary about the world-renowned British architect - as productive and creative as he is inspirational - could attract legions of young people to the profession just as it enlightens older 'civilians' to the beauty and function of architecture in a new, more demanding century.” - Film Journal

Flows like one of Foster's buildings: elegant, organic, unique, and endlessly fascinating.” - This Week in New York

“Gives the viewer quite a lot to marvel at. You can appreciate the grace and harmony of his compositions in glass, steel and light.” - The New York Times

  A MATTER OF TASTE: Serving Up Paul Liebrandt
79 minutes, documentary, color, 2011

A film by Sally Rowe

UPC: 7-20229-91515-1 | Catalog #: FRF 915151D | SRP: $27.95

Special Features Extended Interviews with Michelin 3-Star Chefs Thomas Keller, Eric Ripert & Heston Blumenthal • Two Short Films about the Creation of a Liebrandt Dish • & More

Street Date: June 19

A Matter of Taste takes an intimate look inside the world of an immensely talented and driven young chef, Paul Liebrandt. At 24, he was awarded three stars by The New York Times for unforgettable and hyper-modern dishes such as "eel, violets and chocolate," "espuma of calf brains and foie gras," and "beer and truffle soup."

Times critic William Grimes likened Paul to "a pianist who seems to have found a couple of dozen extra keys." Conversely, Gourmet critic Jonathan Gold called Paul’s food "the result of a failed science experiment." He soon became a chef critics loved or loved to hate.

The film follows Paul over a decade and reveals his creative process in the kitchen, as well as the extreme hard work, long hours, and dedication it takes to be a successful culinary artist in the cutthroat world of haute cuisine in New York City. Featuring an A-List of culinary luminaries including Grant Achatz, Heston Blumenthal, Frank Bruni, Mike Colameco, William Grimes, Thomas Keller, Drew Nierporent and Eric Ripert, A Matter of Taste explores the complicated relationships between food critics, chefs and restaurant owners as it delves into the life of an uncompromising, thought provoking, young chef ahead of his time.

“A gastronomic thriller! Part Rocky, part Kitchen Confidential.” - Wall Street Journal

“Exhilarating! Demonstrates how much body and soul go into a good restaurant. There's some juicy insider stuff here...foodies will love it.” - The Globe and Mail

“9 out of 10! Perceptive, entertaining & engrossing!” - PopMatters

“Fascinating. Lets us see the true nature of the genius behind the pans.” - Toronto Star

78 minutes, documentary, color, Spanish w/English subtitles, 2009

A film by Stéphane Pachot

UPC: 7-20229-91516-8 | Catalog #: FRF 915168D | SRP: $24.95

Special Features • Making Voices in the Andes • Filmmaker Biography

Street Date: June 19

A Journey on Qhapaq Nan - The Great Inca Road

Qhapaq Nan, known as the Great Inca Road, is an ancient network of roads spanning more than 8,000 miles, running through the heart of the Andes, from the ocean and deserts all the way to Machu Picchu.

Constructed hundreds of years ago during the Inca Empire, this vast transportation network still weaves its way through modern-day Peru and Ecuador. An astonishing feat of engineering, it connected Inca cities, administrative centers, agricultural and mining areas as well as ceremonial centers and sacred spaces.

More so than other remnants of the Inca civilization, the Qhapaq Nan is a symbol of a common identity that nourishes the dreams of Andean people to this day and is central to reviving their unique cultural inheritance following centuries of European domination. 

As this visually striking documentary takes us along the Great Inca Road - revealing its contours, its history, and its secrets - we witness a different image of the Andes and its people.

Written by Sébastien Jallade and Stéphane Pachot with the participation of Aurélia Frey
Directed by Stéphane Pachot
Produced by Elkin Communication

“Beautiful... sublime cinematography.” - Emmanuel Hussenet, Journalist & Adventurer

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