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66 minutes, color, 16:9, 2010

A film by Cheryl Dunye (The Watermelon Woman)

Starring Cheryl Dunye, Lisa Gornick (Tick Tock Lullaby), Guinevere Turner (Go Fish, American Psycho), V.S. Brodie (Go Fish), and Deak Evgenikos (The Itty Bitty Titty Committee)

Special Features • Concept: The Parliament • Cast & Crew Biographies • Hooters Trailer

UPC: 7-20229-91461-1
Catalog #: FRF 914611D
SRP: $27.95
/ Can. $29.95

Street Date: March 29


Ten years ago, The Screech was the hottest lesbian band around. But the mighty musicians have fallen into obscurity and unanticipated turmoil. Iris dreams of a comeback and drinks too much. MJ is her ex, but neither of them can quite let go. Former bandmate Lily and her partner Carol aren’t getting along - so, naturally, they’re trying to have a child together.

When a pool party goes horribly wrong, a shocking event knocks these longtime friends and lovers even further out of orbit. Generations collide with dangerous results for these Older, Wiser Lesbians or “OWLs.” (From Frameline/SFILGBTFF)


“Exciting, fresh... a tour de force!” - San Francisco Examiner

“Harks back to Dunye’s first feature, The Watermelon Woman, marking a return to roots.” - Variety

“Surprising...unexpectedly effective.” - Next Magazine



57 minutes + over 2 hours of bonus materials, color, 2000

A film by Judith Ehrlich (co-director of the Oscar-nominated The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers) and Rick Tejada-Flores

Special Features The Conscientious Objector Handbook, the up-to-date guide to the Draft • Interviews with Daniel Ellsberg, Studs Terkel, James Farmer, Ambassador Max Kampleman & More • WWII Poster Gallery: Propagandizing the Good War • DVD-ROM Features (Documents and Links to Non-Violence, Draft, Counter-Recruitment and Military Resources)

UPC: 7-20229-91460-4
Catalog #: FRF 914604D
SRP: $24.95

Street Date: March 29


Millions of people from Allied countries fought to liberate Europe from Hitler’s grip during World War II . Yet 40,000 Americans refused to shoulder weapons in “the good war.”

Narrated by Ed Asner, this important film tells the story of a previously ignored chapter of WWII – the American conscientious objectors who refused to fight. It is a story of personal courage, idealism and nonconformity based on both ethical and religious beliefs – about men whose love of country could not extend to killing their fellow man.

Many were Quakers or others whose religious beliefs interpreted the commandment “Thou Shalt Not Kill” to include war; others were passionate pacifists who felt morally incapable of cooperating with a violent conflict, no matter how worthy the cause.

All lived with the scorn of a nation, and often family and friends as well. While it has been more than half a century since WWII , this particular war story has been almost entirely lost to history until now.

WINNER! Film of the Year, American Historical Association
WINNER! Film of the Year, Organization of American Historians
WINNER! Best Documentary, Ojai Film Festival


! Fascinating! Highly Recommended. Editor’s Choice.” - Video Librarian

“In a time when it’s again easy to endorse any military response to the savagery of terrorists, The Good War provides a necessary reminder that pacifists also can be heroic and patriotic.”
Christianity Today

“An important contribution to the history of the second World War.”
Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States


57 minutes + 27 minute epilogue, color, 2010

A film by Roger Sherman

Special Features • Epilogue • Biography • Photo Gallery

UPC: 7-20229-91458-1
Catalog #: FRF 914581D
SRP: $24.95

Street Date: March 29


Media Contact:
Julia Pacetti | JMP Verdant | (917) 584-7846

This intimate documentary follows Danny Meyer, one of America’s preeminent restaurant owners, over a 12 year span as he struggles to open not one but two ambitious restaurants next to New York’s Madison Square Park. Tabla and Eleven Madison Park, if successful, will join Union Square Café and Gramercy Tavern as the jewels in Meyer’s crown.

We follow the restaurateur and his team as they experience gut-wrenching construction delays, missed deadlines, and the firing of a chef. We visit Tabla’s chef Floyd Cardoz in his tiny home kitchen where he creates his now classic watermelon curry. We’re there as chef Kerry Heffernan takes over Eleven Madison Park just weeks before opening, and then later, after a countrywide search, when Daniel Humm is hired, leading to a coveted four star review from the New York Times, one of only six restaurants to be so honored.

Danny Meyer bares all in this portrait. Watching him and his inner circle, we witness first-hand how difficult it is to create a world-class restaurant. THE RESTAURATEUR is nothing like those reality shows. This is real.

WINNER! Best Food Documentary, Sonoma Int'l Film Festival
WINNER! Best Documentary, Big Apple Film Festival


“A breath of fresh air in this world of reality television and food-tertainment. It’s an honest portrayal of Danny Meyer’s struggles and successes, a must-see for documentary lovers, entrepreneurs, and foodies.” - Blanca Valbuena,

“Beg, borrow as needed, but do yourself a favor and see The Restaurateur. I can’t think of a single food freak who wouldn’t love it: charming, compelling and Tom Colicchio with hair!”
Kat Kinsman, CNN’s

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