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100 minutes, fiction, color, Italian w/English subtitles, 2010

A film by Tizza Covi & Rainer Frimmel

UPC: 7-20229-91493-2 | Catalog #: FRF 914932D | SRP: $27.95

Special Features • Filmmaker Interview • Biographies

Street Date: March 20
  Bathed in the neorealist tradition of Roberto Rossellini and Vittorio De Sica, Little Girl ("La Pivellina") is a captivating tale of people at the margins of society who open their hearts to a stranger.

In a run-down park on the outskirts of Rome, a two year-old girl is discovered and taken in by a family of hard-luck circus performers. A note in the child's pocket from a desperate mother reveals little about who she is or why she was left. As the bond grows between the girl and her surrogate family, this naturalistic drama becomes a revealing and soulful portrait of courage and discrimination, and of loss and togetherness.

• Winner of 30 Awards in Festivals Worldwide
• Official Austrian Entry - Academy Awards™ Best Foreign Language Film
  “CAPTIVATING! A grittily evocative portrait. 'Little Girl' strikes gold in the casting of 2-year-old Asia Crippa.”
- The New York Times

“A GEM! Melts viewers' hearts.” - The Hollywood Reporter

“Neorealistic MAGIC! Fellini meets Dardenne...A genuinely sweet tribute to motherhood, Italian style.”
- Time Out New York

“ASTONISHING authenticity. A DELIGHT!” - Screen Daily

Bittersweet yet often JOYFUL. One of the year's MOST DELIGHTFUL finds.” - Toronto Eye Weekly
90 minutes, documentary, color, Italian & Swiss German w/English subtitles, 2010

A film by Nicola Bellucci

UPC: 7-20229-91502-1 | Catalog #: FRF 915021D | SRP: $27.95

Special Features • Travels with Wolfgang • Shalom Klezmer • Resource Guide • Filmmaker Biography

Street Date: March 20
  Deprived of his sight at an early age, Wolfgang Fasser turns to his ears for access to a world he once feared would be closed off forever. Awed by the restorative powers of sound, Fasser established a physical therapy retreat for disabled children where they use music and noise to communicate with others and gain control of their own bodies.

As they embrace the physicality of sonic vibrations, the children's bodies slowly begin to move in harmony with the world around them: waves of sound enliven the comatose and soothe the anguished.

This film is a sensorial treat. Images of the remote Swiss countryside and mesmerizing sound design offer something profound; In the Garden of Sounds is very nearly tactile, drawing us into an experience where sound, vision, and touch become one [from Full Frame Documentary Film Festival].
  “An acoustic and visual experience in a class of its own.” - Swiss National Public Radio

“This debut feature on the healing powers of 'aural therapy' is a cinematic and sonic achievement, blending artful cameracraft with intricate soundscapes. With quiet reverence, it allows audiences to witness a remarkable journey into new sensory worlds, as children are given an indispensable key to improve their daily lives.” - Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Film Festival

“A touching, poetic exploration of the relationship between mind, body and sound, 'In the Garden of Sounds' is a cinematic journey to the borders of communication.” - Reykjavik International Film Festival
96 minutes, documentary, color, Spanish w/English subtitles, 2010

A film by Ana Carrigan & Juliet Weber

Produced by the Kellogg Institute at Notre Dame University

UPC: 7-20229-91501-4 | Catalog #: FRF 915014D | SRP: $27.95

Special Features • Comprehensive Study Guide

Street Date: March 20
  In El Salvador in the late Seventies, one man was the voice of the poor, the disenfranchised, and the Disappeared - all struggling under the corrupt Salvadoran government. Appointed Archbishop in early 1977, Monseñor Óscar Romero worked tirelessly and in constant personal peril until the day he was assassinated in March 1980.

Romero broke off ties with the military and aligned himself with the poor, delivering messages of hope in weekly sermons which became national events. Encouraging direct action against oppression, Romero's speaking impacted political events in El Salvador that still have meaning to this day.

With rare recordings and film footage from Romero's own collection and a wide range of interviews from those whose lives were changed by Archbishop Romero, including church activists, human rights lawyers, former guerrilla fighters and politicians, Monseñor: The Last Journey of Óscar Romero is a timely portrait of one individual's quest to speak truth to the rich and powerful forces which dominated his government.
  “An astonishing compilation.” - Alma Guillermoprieto, The New York Review of Books

“Making a film about faith is an almost impossible challenge. But here is a film about spiritual trial and political resolution that doesn't preach or insist, that stays way clear of indignation and heat in favor of balance, truth and a finely shaded portrait of a man of great courage.”
- Jay Cocks, Film Critic & Academy Award-winning Screenwriter
377 minutes on 4 discs, fiction, color, English & Korean, Mandarin & German w/English subtitles

4 Asian films about love, longing and fishhooks

UPC: 7-20229-91500-7 | Catalog #: FRF 915007D | SRP: $49.95

Special Features • Director's Introduction • Director Biography • Film Notes • Photo Gallery • Interview with Director • Behind-the-Scenes Footage • Original Theatrical Trailer • Music Video • Bonus Film: Tigerwomen Grow Wings

Street Date: March 20
  This scintillating new box set includes the following four films:

The Isle
A film by Kim Ki-Duk. This erotic arthouse thriller tells the tale of a beautiful woman who lives on an eerie, remote lake selling food to fisherman by day, and her body by night.

"A perversely intriguing (and intriguingly perverse) love story." -San Francisco Examiner

"Daring, mesmerizing, and hard to forget!" -New York Post

Electric Shadows
A film by Xiao Jiang. From China comes a charming tale of a deliveryman and a young girl's passion for the movies - which re-ignites his own longing for the days when the cinema enchanted China's masses.

"Joyous, unforgettable! A welcome gift to movie lovers everywhere." -This Week in New York

"Movie love was never so engulfing, and rarely so sweet!" -Time Magazine

The Personals
A film by Chen Kuo-fu. An attractive, successful doctor places a personal ad in a newspaper to try to meet (and eventually marry) Mr. Right. A succession of blind dates ensues, with men who are lonely, desperate, dangerous, perverted or all of the above.

"An intensely voyeuristic experience." -Time Out New York

"Intelligent and perceptive comedy." -Village Voice

A Film by Monika Treut. In this mysterious love story set in Taiwan and Germany, artist Sophie is trying to come to terms with the unsolved murder of her Taiwanese lover Ai-Ling.

"A romantic, lush mystery." -Box Office Magazine

"An erotically charged, culture-clash thriller."
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