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Indie Feminist Classics Digitally Remastered and
Available on iTunes and DVD for the First Time

Directed by Sheila McLaughlin

Now available on iTunes and DVD

94 minutes, fiction, color, 1987

DVD Extras: Inside Out (25', 1977 Silent Film by Sheila McLaughlin), 60' Q+A with the Director.

DVD packaged in certified Green Forestry eco pack

Agatha is an international lawyer, Jo a filmmaker. The two women are lovers. While Jo is on the road showing her films, Agatha discovers and reads her diaries. Problems ensue as Agatha's transgression leads to jealousy and a spiraling cycle of sexual obsession.

Sheila Dabney and Lois Weaver star in this landmark lesbian classic, now digitally restored. Revelatory for its representation of a new lesbian desire, She Must Be Seeing Things put forth a politicized eroticism that mirrored the burgeoning butch/femme scene at the time.

“Eroticism, voyeurism, and female desire. A thought-provoking film.” - Sight & Sound

“A wryly sophisticated a lesbian homage to Unfaithfully Yours.” - Boston Globe

“The sex scenes are refreshingly frank.” - Time Out London

“Sheila McLaughlin shows that a love story can transcend sexual preference.”
- La Republica (Italy)

UPC: 720229916523 | Street: June 2 | $24.95


Directed by Lynne Tillman and Sheila McLaughlin
Starring Sheila McLaughlin

Pre-order on iTunes now, Available on DVD July 21

75 minutes, fiction, b/w, 1984

DVD packaged in certified Green Forestry eco pack

Now digitally restored, Committed is the story of actress and leftist iconoclast Frances Farmer. In 1935, Farmer became an overnight Hollywood sensation; within ten years she was in a state mental hospital.

Highly stylized and moodily provocative, Committed offers a multi-layered look at the life of this culturally defiant woman, going beyond the personal to explore the political and social attitudes of the time.

Committed has an impressive visual coherence for a production filmed on a shoestring over four years - it lives up to the lurid promise of its punning B-movie title. Superlatively shot in expressionist black-and-white by Hamburg avant-artist Heinz Emigholz, it' has the mean, moody look of the threadbare dream sequence from a low budget noir (in its mixture of female introspection and tabloid Americana, Committed is the unexpected missing link between Meshes of the Afternoon and Shock Corridor.)” - The Village Voice

“An original and stylish movie, austere and bitter.” - Time Out London

“Packs a wallop.” - The Independent (UK)

UPC: 720229916608 | Catalog #: FRF916608D | Street: July 21

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