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80 minutes, documentary, color, 2013

A film by T.C. Johnstone

Executive produced and narrated by Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland)

Special Features • Behind the Scenes: The Making of Rising From Ashes

Two worlds collide when cycling legend Jonathan "Jock" Boyer moves to Rwanda to help the first Rwandan National Cycling Team in their six year journey to compete in the Olympic Games. Against impossible odds both Jock and the team find new purpose as they rise from the ashes of their past.

Stunningly filmed, Rising From Ashes follows Jock (the first American to compete in the Tour de France) and his Rwandan riders as they slowly learn what it means to be a professional cyclist - how to train, compete, and live the life of a top level athlete. As their strength and confidence grows, the riders of Team Rwanda give their fellow citizens a vision of something greater than themselves and their history: hope for a future.

“The wildly improbable story of the Rwandan National Cycling Team delivers! Experience the wonderful good spirits as the riders find their way in the strange new world of competitive cycling.” - Los Angeles Times

“Wonderfully inspiring! Joyous and uplifting, full of spirit, memorable athletes and remarkable achievements.”
- New York Daily News

“Stirring, engaging, inspirational...a crowd-pleaser!” - Variety

“A remarkable footage, a layered story, fantastic soundtrack - and uses each to vivid and captivating effect.” - LA Weekly

“Emotional and inspiring tale.” - Minneapolis Star Tribune

“A compelling take with genuine drama. Convincingly illustrates how biking restored a sense of national pride and a feeling of purpose.” - Time Out New York

“Inherently powerful drama.” - The Hollywood Reporter

“A masterful tribute to unity, selflessness and redemption in spite of all odds.” - Truth on Cinema

Packaged in a 100% Certified Green Forestry Practices Eco Pack

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83 minutes, documentary, color, 2010

A film by Elise Swerhone


Through the eyes of nine young girls from around the world, TuTuMUCH is the behind-the-scenes story of what it takes to become a dancer. These girls have been given the chance of a lifetime, a four week long summer audition to get into a professional ballet school. Which girl will prove to be the dancer they are looking for? Who will have the passion, the drive and the endurance to make it? And will she and her family be ready to make the sacrifices?TuTuMUCHgives us all a rare look at nine remarkable girls and a summer that no one will ever forget.

“A rare and tantalizing glimpse into auditioning for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School. TuTuMuch is full of excitement and disappointment, tears and laughter and hard decisions regarding years of sacrifice and pain. And it's all from the mouths of children.” - Ballet News

“It's astonishing to see the determination that a 10-year-old girl has when it comes to a possible profession in ballet. Inspiring!” - Edmonton Vue

Packaged in a 100% Certified Green Forestry Practices Eco Pack

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The Saga of John Fahey

57 minutes, documentary, color, 2012

A film by James Cullingham

Featuring The Who’s Pete Townshend, Chris Funk of The Decemberists, Calexico's Joey Burns, radio personality Dr. Demento and many more

Special Features • Rare John Fahey Performance Footage • John Fahey Speaks: Woodburn Inn, 1999 • Performances by Chris Funk, Jimmy Crosthwait, George Winston & others • Extended Interviews with Pete Townshend, Dean Blackwood & Joe Bussard

Known as the father of American Primitive Guitar, many consider John Fahey to be a foundational figure in American folk music. As both musician and musicologist, Fahey made a fundamental contribution to our understanding and appreciation of such music genres as Delta blues, Appalachian bluegrass and New Orleans jazz.

In Search of Blind Joe Death combines interviews, performances and archival footage with animation in a musically charged tribute to a tremendously influential composer, guitarist and provocateur. Interviewees include The Who’s Pete Townshend, Chris Funk of The Decemberists and renowned radio personality Dr. Demento.

“If you didn't already admire Fahey's music, you may be searching for more of it after seeing this documentary.”
- The New York Times

“Excellent! Newcomers and fans alike will find a lot to treasure here.” - Film Journal

“Eclectic, haunting, engaging." - The Village Voice

“As spare and intimate and engaging as some of Fahey's finest recordings.” - Willamette Weekly

“Mesmerizing.” - This Week in New York

Packaged in a 100% Certified Green Forestry Practices Eco Pack

UPC: 7-20229-91573-1 | Catalog #:FRF 915731D | SRP: $24.95 | Street Date: November 12

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