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Available on DVD July 21, 2009

Two feisty Western Shoshone Indian sisters put up a heroic fight
for their land rights - and their human rights.

Winner of 12 Major Awards in North American Film Festivals


A film by Beth Gage & George Gage
56 minutes, color, 2008
UPC: 7-20229-91382-9
Catalog #: FRF913829D
SRP: $24.95 /CAN.: $29.95

 Street Date: July 21

DVD Bonus Features:
•Short Film: Crisis at Mt. Tenabo
Featuring a new song
by Joanne Shenandoah
• Film Notes by
Human Rights Watch

Carrie and Mary Dann endure terrifying roundups by armed federal marshals in which thousands of their horses and cattle are confiscated, for the crime of grazing them on the open range outside their private ranch - even though that range is part of 60 million acres recognized as Western Shoshone land by the U.S. After the government sued them for trespassing, their dispute went to the Supreme Court, and eventually the United Nations.

Why has the U.S. spent millions persecuting and prosecuting two elderly women grazing a few hundred horses and cows in a desolate desert? The Dann sisters say the real reason is the resources hidden beneath this seemingly barren land, their Mother Earth: it is the second largest gold producing area in the world.

This “eloquent testament to the courage of the Dann sisters” is “an important document for those who want to understand the ongoing resistance of Native peoples to U.S. colonialism in Indian country” (Eric Cheyfitz, Director of the American Indian Program, Cornell University).

Masterful storytelling, beautiful cinematography, and unforgettable characters. A truly exceptional human rights film whose message and impact will reverberate for years to come.”
- JOHN H. BIAGGI, Director, Human Rights Watch Int'l Film Festival

A must-see documentary for its message that the United States acquisition of tribal lands under the guise of legality continues today.” - DR. LINDA PARKER, Professor, Dept. of American Indian Studies, San Diego University

"A powerful testament to Indian self-determination and women-power. The Dann sisters deserve our utmost respect."
-MICHAEL SMITH, Director, American Indian Film Festival


Available on DVD July 21, 2009

A New Box Set


Seven Films on Seven Discs
570 minutes, color
UPC: 7-20229-91383-6
Catalog #: FRF 913836D
SRP: $89.95
Street Date: July 21

DVD Bonus Features:
Film Notes
• Bonus Films
• Filmmaker Interviews
• Extra Footage
• & More!

Every year, Human Rights Watch endorses select First Run films that promote awareness of human rights abuses taking place around the world. Now, we're offering seven HRW Select titles in one box set. Each disc includes film notes written by experts from Human Rights Watch as well as other supplemental materials, such as bonus films, extra footage, filmmaker interviews and more.

The following seven films are included in this new collection:

A Film by Rithy Pahn
From1975-79 nearly two million Cambodians lost their lives when the Khmer Rouge forced the urban population into the countryside. In this award winning documentary and astonishing historical document, one survivor finally confronts his captors, some of whom were as young as 12 when they committed their atrocities.

A Film by Kief Davidson & Richard Ladkani
Winner of seven awards, The Devil’s Miner is an astonishing portrait of two brothers, age 14 and 12, who work deep inside the silver mines of Cerro Rico, Bolivia. Raised without a father, the brothers toil in the dangerous tunnels to help support their family and afford supplies vital for their education.

A Film by Ritu Sarin & Tenzing Sonam
A journey into Tibet’s fractured past and a voyage of self-discovery,
this thoughtful drama about a young Tibetan woman from New York who travels to Dharamsala in northern India only to find herself unwittingly falling in love with an enigmatic ex-monk “unwraps Tibetan culture fromthe timeless ideal.”

A Film by Sabiha Sumar
Pakistan, 1979: General Zia-ul-Haq takes control of the country and stokes the fires of Islamic nationalism. In this gripping drama, a Muslim widow who teaches young girls the Koran watches helplessly as her beloved son falls in with a group of Islamic fundamentalists – bringing back to the surface her haunted past.

A Film by John Scagliotti
Traveling to five continents, Dangerous Living explores the lives of gay and lesbian people in non-western cultures, from Egypt to Honduras to Kenya, Thailand and more. Heartbreaking and triumphant stories abound in this inspiring look at the global movement to end discrimination and violence against GLBT people.

A Film by Anthony Giacchino
In the summer of 1971, 28 antiwar activists broke into a local New Jersey draft board office to destroy records – an act of dissent against the never-ending war in Vietnam. But amole had infiltrated their operation, and soon they were all rounded up by the FBI. This acclaimed documentary tells their story.

A Film by Ana Carrigan & Bernard Stone
In 1980, lay missioner Jean Donovan and three American nuns were brutallymurdered by El Salvador’s security force. This classic documentary is both an eloquent memorial to these courageous women and a powerful indictment of U.S. foreign policy in Central

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