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84 minutes, fiction, color, French w/English subtitles, 2007

A film by Léa Fazer

Victor and Margot are two lawyers on the fast track to success at a major law firm. They are also a loving couple. After a senior partner at the firm dies unexpectedly, it is decided that either Margot or Victor will be promoted to the important position. The other will have to settle for a supporting role.

What If...? cleverly delves into both scenarios: Margot as the new senior partner, breaking down gender barriers and becoming the glamorous new star of the firm, while Victor labors in her shadow; or Victor as the gung-ho, hard-driving new partner, with Margot relegated to serving coffee at the office and caring for their children.

In both scenarios, the couple's relationship is rocked by infidelity, family versus career conflicts, and questions about true values. Ultimately the film explores the feelings so many of us have as we question the trajectory of our lives: what if I had done this instead of that? What if this had happened, and not that?

Starring Alice Taglioni, Jocelyn Quivrin & Thierry Lhermitte.

“In the tradition of such movies as Sliding Doors.” - Jerusalem Post

An entertaining, thoughtful and fun film. Taglioni and Quivrin are both excellent.” - The Ace Black Blog

“A romantic comedy that makes you laugh with funny jokes and constant dramatic tension.” - ArtFilm

Packaged in a 100% Certified Green Forestry Practices Eco Pack

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