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The Other Man: F.W. de Klerk and the End of Apartheid

Director - Nicolas Rossier
Run Time - 75 minutes
Languages - English
Format - DVD / Digital Streaming
Year - 2014
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interests- Africa, African-American Studies, Anthropology, Biographies/Profiles, Civil Rights, Cold War Era, Communication, Cultural Studies, Economics, Globalization, History (World), Human Rights, Justice, Law & Legal Studies, Peace & Conflict Resolution, Political Science

Institutional DVD Price: $395

One man made the end of apartheid possible: in February 1990, President F.W. de Klerk lifted the ban on the African National Congress and ordered the release of Nelson Mandela. As the world celebrated, Mandela would go on to become South Africa's first democratically elected president - with de Klerk as his Vice President. Many films have been made about Nelson Mandela and the history of apartheid; few have taken on the challenge of bringing his predecessor - F.W. de Klerk to the screen, keeping him in the shadow of his exploits. 

But de Klerk's history is complicated. Before becoming president, de Klerk had been a virulent defender of white Africans and their privileges, and his own term as president was marred by political violence - often at the hands of his own security forces. What pushed this man to reverse his beliefs and jumpstart the process of making South Africa a more equal and just nation?

Featuring in-depth interviews with F.W. de Klerk, former South African president Thabo Mbeki (1999-2008), anti-apartheid activists Father Michael Lapsley and Mathews Phosa, Yasmin Sooka of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Richard Goldstone (who headed the Goldstone Commission investigations into political violence) and many others. Nations mired in conflict and recovering from civil war will benefit from better understanding this flawed, yet ultimately successful political leader that managed to bridge two opposing worlds. Ultimately, The Other Man explores the trajectory of this unique nation and reflects on how the end of apartheid will continue to shape South Africans and the world for years to come.

"An illuminating study of the character, role and motivations of the man who together with Nelson Mandela transformed apartheid South Africa into a democracy." - IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival)

"A seminal work that really encapsulates the history of S.A. as she celebrates her 20th." - Mahen Bonetti, Executive Director & Founder African Film Festival

"Beautifully shot and edited. A dispassionate and balanced attempt at trying to understand a contentious yet significant player in the country's contemporary history." - Marianne Thamm, The Daily Maverick