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"A Delicious Escape to France. It’s a feast, not just for the food shown in exquisite detail, but for the images of the countryside, the shore, and the streets and markets."  - Florence Fabricant, The New York Times

"A culinary masterpiece...superb!"  - Janet Walker,

"A Chef’s Voyage can be appreciated on several levels. The voyeur can take a happy romp through beautiful French countryside, admire the food porn, and be a fly on the wall to David Kinch’s journey of a lifetime. The amateur or professional cook can buy in emotionally to Kinch’s odyssey and find this film an inspiration."  - Andy Chalk, The Chalk Report

"This culinary documentary basks in sumptuous food shots, takes you behind the scenes into buzzing French kitchens and offers stunning scenes of differing French landscapes. But its true heart rests with the chef and his team who set out on an odyssey - packing underwear and abalone - to discover the love of creating and enjoying culinary creations."  - Bryan Alexander, USA Today

"A fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of one of America’s upper-echelon restaurants - and, a tour through the heart of bucolic Provence, bustling Paris, and the gorgeous coastline of Marseille."  - Elizabeth Brownfield, Forbes

"A mesmerizing documentary…a hot soundtrack…the food’s so beautiful you will salivate."  - Christina Waters, GoodTimes

"An honest documentary made for foodies and those who respect culinary insights that not only cross borders but push for new experiences. Meticulously made...the cinematography is breathtaking."  - Seth Eelen, Into:Screens

"Part rock doc, part "Chef's Table,"... The cameras go behind the scenes on the team's high-octane 10-day trip."  - Atlanta Journal Constitution

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