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Acorn and the Firestorm

On iTunes May 1 | On DVD May 15 Fueled by a YouTube video made by two young conservatives who posed as pimp and prostitute, community-organizing group ACORN's very existence would be challenged. This documentary cuts to the heart of the great political divide.

Coach Jake

On iTunes May 29 | On DVD June 5 The most successful high school soccer coach in NYC history partly due to a pipeline of talented kids from Africa, Coach Jake first had to overcome an addiction. Both on the soccer field and off, this season may be his toughest yet.

Strangers on the Earth

DVD & iTunes dates TBA American cellist Dane Johansen walks the Camino de Santiago, Europe's most popular pilgrimage, with his cello on his back, performing music for his fellow pilgrims along the way. The film explores the mental and spiritual aspects of his journey.

American Socialist: Eugene V. Debs

DVD & iTunes dates TBA Bernie Sanders inspired a generation - but who inspired him? Most people don't know that the contemporary political movement to address income inequality began over 100 years ago with Eugene Debs. This documentary is an in-depth look at Debs.

In the Land of Pomegranates

DVD & iTunes dates TBA From Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Hava Kohav Beller comes her latest work, a suspenseful, multi-layered documentary centered on a group of young people who were born into a violent and insidious ongoing war.