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On iTunes January 8 | On DVD January 15 In Olancho, the largest state in Honduras, the drug trade has taken its toll in human lives and economic damage. But to some musicians, the cartels provide an opportunity.

The Lost Village

On VOD & DVD January 15 Roger Paradiso's documentary explores the demise of New York's Greenwich Village: the corporate take-over by NYU; the accelerating gentrification; the sky-high rent increases; and the vanishing artists who gave the Village its reputation.

The Sunday Sessions

On iTunes & DVD February 5 This heartfelt, powerful documentary offers an intimate portrait of a deeply conflicted young man who, struggling to reconcile his religious conviction and sexual identity, starts seeing a conversion therapist.

Hot to Trot

On iTunes January 29 | On DVD February 5 Mad Hot Ballroom meets Paris is Burning in this award-winning and crowd-pleasing documentary, which offers a deep-dive look inside the fascinating but little-known world of same-sex competitive ballroom dance.

Cuban Food Stories

On iTunes February 12 | On DVD February 26 Filmmaker Asori Soto returns to his Cuban homeland to search for the missing flavors of his childhood, visiting cities and remote regions to rediscover the culinary roots of Cuba.

Tracking Edith

On iTunes February 19 | On DVD February 26 Filmmaker Peter Stephan Jungk had always known that his great aunt, Edith Tudor-Hart, was a talented photographer. But it wasn't until 20 years after her death that he learned she had led a double life, as a KGB agent.