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Don't Let Me Die On A Sunday
A film by Didier Le Pecheur

86 minutes, color, 1998
In French with English subtitles



One night a morgue employee named Ben meets, under the strangest of circumstances, Teresa who has overdosed on Ecstasy at a rave. From this sensational beginning, Teresa and Ben embark on an odyssey that takes them into the world of sadomasochism, wild techno-dance parties, and orgies as they each search for new sensations that will ease their chilling sense of despair. This provocative, disturbing film will challenge your sensibilities in much the same way as Eyes Wide Shut, Crash, and Breaking the Waves. Starring Jean-Marc Barr and Elodie Bouchez.


"Seductive and shockingly sexy!" - NEWSWEEK

"A daring premise...the extremes of sexual thrill-seeking." - LOS ANGELES TIMES

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