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The rise, fall and resurrection of the father of the American Arts and Crafts movement is chronicled in Gustav Stickley: American Craftsman, which offers an unprecedented look at the life and works of Stickley as told through interviews, archival materials, and a close examination of his most iconic works.

Gustav Stickley: American Craftsman traces the development and evolution of Stickley's unique style as well as the creation of his diverse businesses, including furniture manufacturing, a ground-breaking Manhattan store, and the Craftsman Magazine and Craftsman Farms — a progenitor of the farm-to-table movement. It also details the eventual loss of his businesses, and, after several decades, the rebirth and recognition of the movement he inspired.

The film visits several key locations in his lifetime, including his Syracuse home, where he lived and created his first arts and crafts interior, and the pump house at Skaneateles Lake in upstate New York, which he restored as a summer family camp; as well we meet some of the talented collaborators Stickley surrounding himself with, such as Harvey Ellis, Lamont Warner and Irene Sargent.

Directed by Herb Stratford
68 minutes, color, 2021
In English (with optional English SDH captions)

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"A fascinating saga!" - Leonard Maltin

"Anyone interested in the Arts and Crafts movement of the 1900s will find 'Gustav Stickley: American Craftsman' a riveting watch. I guarantee you’ll learn something new about a time in American history that most people know very little, and that makes watching this documentary worth it." - Alan Ng, Film Threat

"One of the best documentaries I’ve seen about art and craftsmanship...a richly detailed look at Stickley and his vision. As with many visionaries, Stickley had highs and lows in his life, and the movie doesn’t shirk from telling the truth. His less productive years and his rebirth as a designer, publisher, and champion of the movement are chronicled. We’re told wonderful nuggets of history, and see inside the current busy factory. Visually, 'Gustav Stickley: American Craftsman' is magnificent. Stickley’s furniture flows with its traditional classic lines and looks as modern as a spaceship to Mars. The exceptional film clocks in at 68-minutes, and I wished it had been longer." - Michael Calleri, Niagara Gazette/Lockport News

"A must-see! Stickley is often referred to as a 'lifestyle entrepreneur,' and it’s easy to think of him as the inspiration for Ralph Lauren – not in his specific style but in his philosophy. Stickley was all about home, and he made people really think about the things they surrounded themselves with. His own home – which is a treat to see in the film – was filled with his pieces, each one lovingly and intentionally placed to serve a purpose. Director Herb Stratford gives historians, fans and Stickley’s family the opportunity to wax poetic about Stickley’s’s eye-opening, especially since it translates to a way of life that goes well beyond furniture." - Lois Alter Mark, Alliance of Women Film Journalists