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Director - Sky Pinnick
Run Time - 72 minutes
Language - English & Spanish w/English subtitles
Format - DVD / Digital Streaming
Year - 2011
Genre - Documentary
Educational Interests - Agriculture, Argentina, Business, Culinary Arts & Sciences, Economics, Latin America

Institutional DVD Price: $295


Originally from France, the Malbec grape found its perfect home in the dry Argentine climate. Its booming popularity has swept through North America and the world, reviving a varietal that nearly had been lost.


Documenting how a wine originally intended only for local consumption transformed into an international sensation, Boom Varietal talks to Malbec winemakers, wine connoisseurs, and the investors hoping to profit from the boom. Beautifully shot and with an original music score, Boom Varietal is an insider's look into the world of wine that will inspire not only your palate, but a love for Argentina's rich culture.


"A great documentary...the film is excellent and truly portrays the passion and struggles behind the great Malbec wines we do enjoy here in North America." - Mano a Vino


"The film captivated me, drawing me into the world of Malbec and the people and places associated with it." 
- Wine Economist