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Roots of Fire
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The Quiet Epidemic
Arrow"It's easy and fun to build more sustainable practices into our lives": SCRAP filmmaker Stacey Tenenbaum in Picture This Post.
ArrowIn the New York Times, Free Puppies! is the subject of Margaret Renkl's op-ed What Do Stray Dogs Tell Us About the South?
ArrowDeadline: First Run acquires The Quiet Epidemic, Doc about Medical Debate over Chronic Lyme Disease
ArrowFirst Run's president of 38 years passed away. Seymour Wishman led an extraordinary life that went beyond film distribution.
ArrowIn their feature on Algren, the Chicago Reader looks at the writer's life – and legacy.
ArrowOn Respecting Your Subject: An Interview about F11 and Be There with Jethro Waters. launches & First Run is a founding content partner! IDA's Cynthia Close offers an in-depth look

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