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Director- Yoav Shamir
Run Time - 91 minutes
Language - Hebrew & English w/English Subtitles
Format - DVD
Year - 2009
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interest- Anthropology, Biographies/Profiles, Jewish Studies, Law & Legal Studies, Middle East, Political Science, Religion


Institutional DVD Price: $195




Is anti-Semitism an immediate threat on the verge of coalescing into a second Holocaust? Or is it a scare tactic used by right-wing Zionists to discredit their critics? Speaking with the head of the Anti-Defamation League, controversial author Norman Finkelstein, and others, Yoav Shamir sets out to discover the realities of anti-Semitism today. His findings are both shocking and wryly funny.


Winner of a Special Jury Mention for Best Documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival.


“Soul searching…[Yoav Shamir is] dazzlingly skilled at capturing characters in humorous and emotional situations that allow viewers to reach their own conclusions.” – Bernard Dichek, The Jerusalem Report