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For They Know Not What They Do

Director - Daniel Karslake
Run Time - 91 minutes
Language - English
Format - Digital
Year - 2019
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interests- Adolescence, American Studies, Christianity, Cultural Studies, Family Relations, Human Rights, LGBTQ Studies, New Releases, Political Science, Psychology, Religion, Sex and Sexuality

Institutional DVD Price: $295

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From the director of the acclaimed FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO comes FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO, a new documentary that explores the intersection of religion, sexual orientation and gender identity in current-day America.

The arrival of marriage equality was seen by many as the pinnacle achievement of the march toward full equality for LGBTQ people. But for many on the Right, it was the last straw, and their public backlash has been swift, severe and successful. In collaboration with religious conservatives, politicians are invoking both the Bible and the U.S. Constitution in their campaigns for the 'religious freedom' to legally discriminate. By telling the stories of four families struggling with these issues, the film offers healing and understanding to those caught in the crosshairs of scripture, sexuality, and identity.

Winner - Audience Awards at Atlanta, Seattle, Ft. Lauderdale, Rochester, Phoenix & Warsaw Film Festivals

"Eloquent." - Hollywood Reporter

"Unforgettable." - Documentary Magazine

"Potent. A wake-up call that the LGBTQ community is under fierce attack."-

"In this vital, authentic follow-up to For the Bible Tells Me So, filmmaker Daniel Karslake returns a decade later to the religious right, embittered by the Supreme Court's Obergefell decision and emboldened by the rise of Trump. Heartbreaking - and inspirational."- The Advocate

"Emotional and revealing. It's obvious that For They Know Not What They Do - and For The Bible Tells Me So, for that matter - is necessary viewing. And considering far-too-many states still allow conversion therapy, the religious right's continuing efforts to prevent LGBTQ+ equality, and the ongoing issue of LGBTQ+ youth suicide, it couldn't come at a better time. Like a salve, or a balm in Gilead perhaps, the film has the potential to heal open wounds in some families as a manual of how to love - not just in spite of, but because of."- Out Magazine

"One of the best crafted documentaries I have ever seen and it succinctly covers a lot of ground with its stories of religion and being gay. The movie weaves together several tales of coming out to a religious family and shares the highs and some of the lows that will ripe your heart out. A lot of documentaries have great stories to tell and we forgive them for inferior production qualities. But this movie hits the mark on every level - from point of view to cinematography. This should be a contender for Best Documentary at the Oscars. It's that good."-

"The message and stories in For They Know Not What They Do feel more timely than ever. No matter how hard to watch, Karslake's documentary shows a template for how to breach conversations about faith, sexuality, and gender identity in open-hearted ways."- Remezcla

"9 out of 10 stars. By turns full of hope and full of heartbreak. It makes a case for acceptance of the LGBTQIA+ community, particularly the younger people. Daniel Karslake and writer/editor Nancy Kennedy are excellent storytellers, and I'm forever grateful to them and the families who participated for hopefully helping the world take a step in the right direction, away from discrimination and towards equality."- Film Threat

"Often moving, surprisingly hopeful. A very good film that needs to be seen and shown to families who don't know what to do and to kids who are afraid. The film is a ray of hope for everyone and should be seen."- Unseen Films

"Daniel Karslake's extraordinary new documentary, named after the final words of Jesus, is a four-part examination of one of the most shameful and contentious parts of modern Christian theology: institutionalized homophobia. He pulls no punches."- The Young Folks

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