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It Takes From Within
A film by Lee Eubanks

95 minutes, B&W, 2017

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Inspired by arthouse films of the 1960s, writer/director Lee Eubanks creates a menacing world of dread, isolation, and unease in his feature film debut It Takes from Within.

An ominous, bleak atmosphere permeates a desolate town where an unnamed man and woman make preparations to attend a burial. The tension builds as the two experience increasingly disturbing incidents involving manifestations of dread and despair while the internment draws near.

Expressive cinematography, brooding sound design, and minimal use of spoken dialogue make It Takes from Within a surreal, cryptic journey into the dark void between the reality and nightmare of our conflict with death.

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"Emphasizing memorable cinematography and minimal spoken dialogue, 'It Takes From Within' peers into the abyss that gnaws at the human soul, and the lingering chill that remains after the first wave of fear passes. Highly recommended, especially for connoisseurs of surreal suspense." - James A. Cox, MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

"It Takes From Within is a stark portrait of morbid dread. The film is both jarring in its imagery and patient in its momentum, building toward a silent scream." - Anya Novak, ICONS OF FRIGHT

"Anyone who appreciates challenging, avant-garde experimental cinema will find It Takes from Within to be constantly intriguing. The striking visuals are the film’s highlight, proving that Eubanks has an eye for moody composition. Moreover, while the title is never completely explained, the existential dread it represents – and that the characters convey – is certainly palpable." - Gary M. Kramer, FILM INTERNATIONAL

"Mesmerizing B&W imagery (Jason Crow takes no back seat to other cinematographers) but equally captivating is the soundtrack: a brilliant pastiche of music, voices, and other sounds that keep spinning the film into layers beyond what is being shown. The narrative provides a dreamish experience that has you wondering who it reminds you the most of in terms of cinematic signatures: Bergman? Godard? Lynch? Mentioning those three names will appeal to those who find such filmic forays worth one's time, and while I won't put Eubanks' effort here into quite that class, I did find it to be a worthy addition to the avant-garde set." - Michael Rajnovic, FILM GUINEA PIG

Disc Features

Audio Commentary with Director Lee Eubanks




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