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Director - Paul Oremland
Run Time - 93 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD
Year - 1998
Genre - Foreign Comedy

Educational Interest-Cinema Studies, Gay & Lesbian Studies


Institutional DVD Price: $195




London's gay club world comes alive in this sexy drama about two young men--one a bare-knuckle fighter and the other an ambitious record producer--who fall in love, despite enormously different backgrounds. Steve Bell gives an unforgettable performance as the Blackpool fighter who is struggling with his sexual identity, Ian Rose plays the ultra-cool urbanite who knows everybody, and Roger Daltrey (of The Who) is wickedly funny as Ian's bitchy boss. Romantic, honest, and above all, entertaining, Like It Is offers an enjoyable and positive look at gay life rarely seen in films.


"It just may be the best gay film ever." - Edge Magazine


"Directed brilliantly and written exquisitely, the story is honest and touching and real. Bell is an amazing natural talent." - Bay Area Reporter