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My Führer
A film by Dani Levy

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In writer-director Dani Levy's "My Führer," the Reich’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, is seeing the grim writing on the country’s pre-Berlin wall of late 1944: Germany is losing the war, and a weary Hitler is losing steam and fire. Goebbels thinks he has the answer. Hitler, almost as defeated as his country, must get his mojo back and deliver to the German people an all-important morale-boosting speech that will recharge the nation.

The one who can jazz Hitler back into charismatic action is Jewish professor Adolf Grunbaum (the late Ulrich Mühe, award-winning star of the foreign-language Oscar winner “The Lives of Others”), a former drama coach and prewar top theater personality who has been detained but is now sprung by Goebbels from the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Grunbaum, of course, accepts the job to retool Hitler but on the condition that his wife, Elsa, and the little Grunbaums be allowed to come along. Thus, the family is given livable but grim quarters in the notorious Chancellery.

The once-renowned titan of German theater has only a few days to work his magic. Employing a combination of ego-boosting exercises and psychotherapy, Grunbaum tutors his ward as the Nazi bigwigs observe via a two-way mirror. A mutual respect emerges between the professor and the Nazi leader. The big day of Hitler’s speech arrives and so does a terrible circumstance that tests Grunbaum’s talents as never before (from The Hollywood Reporter).

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What the Critics are Saying

"A pointed satire on Hitler and the Nazi elite... A biting look at the Third Reich."
- Jewish Journal

"Laughs, good performances and and lots of fun for history buffs!" - Hollywood Reporter

"Preposterously successful! Miraculously straddles the matzo-thin border between daring and tasteless." - Slant Magazine

"A stellar cast and a neat storyline with a cheeky twist." - Variety

"Mühe excels! Groth is perfect." - Compuserve

"Off-beat, provocative!" - Fresno Bee


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Features and Specifications

Bonus materials:

  • Dani Levy Interview & Director's Statement
  • Interviews with actors Ulrich Mühe & Helga Schneider
  • Photo Gallery
  • Production Notes

Format: DVD
Release Year: 2009
Running Time: 89 minutes
Color: Color
Language: German w/English subtitles

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