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Director - Christine Parker
Run Time - 40 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD
Year - 1993 & 1998
Genre - Foreign Drama

Educational Interest- Cinema Studies, Gay & Lesbian Studies


Institutional DVD Price: $95




Featuring the Amazonian star of Xena: Warrior Princess as you've never seen her, Peach stars Lucy Lawless as a sexy tow truck driver attracted to a young Maori woman.


This DVD also includes the films A Bitter Song and Lavender Limelight: Lesbians in Film:


In A Bitter Song (Lucy's first film role), she plays a kind nurse who helps a troubled young girl.


Lavender Limelight: Lesbians in Film by Marc Mauceri: From Go Fish to Paris is Burning to The Watermelon Woman, this festival favorite goes behind the scenes to reveal seven successful lesbian directors. Featuring Cheryl Dunye, Rose Troche, Jennie Livingston, Monika Treut, Maria Maggenti, Su Friedrich and Heather MacDonald.



"Angelic." -New York Times


"Startlingly intimate." -NY Press