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A film by Jonathan Olshefski

105 minutes, color, 2017

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Filmed with vérité intimacy for nearly a decade, Quest is the moving portrait of the Rainey family living in North Philadelphia.

Beginning at the dawn of the Obama presidency, Christopher “Quest” Rainey and his wife Christine’a raise a family while nurturing a community of hip hop artists in their home music studio. It’s a safe space where all are welcome, but this creative sanctuary can’t always shield them from the strife that grips their neighborhood.

Epic in scope, the Sundance documentary Quest is a vivid illumination of race and class in America, and a testament to love, healing and hope.


"A rich and rewarding movie...one of the year's best documentaries...a gift" - David Fear, Rolling Stone

"Critic's Pick. Shows a kinship with 'Hoop Dreams' and 'Boyhood' in the way it makes subtle and powerful use of the passage of time. The movie’s quiet eloquence invites you to reflect on what it means to belong to a family and a place, and also on the nature of citizenship at a time of political polarization." - A.O. Scott, The New York Times

"Radiant...Olshefski discovers an everyday American story of extraordinary strength." - Sheri Linden, Los Angeles Times

"There are biographical documentaries, fortunate to the point of being blessed, that start as fly-on-the-wall journalism and luck into better-than-fiction narrative twists. The remarkable Quest is one of them." - Gary Thompson, Philadelphia Inquirer

"A living, breathing, stunning documentary study of an African-American family in North Philadelphia weathering a tumultuous decade." - Guy Lodge, Variety

"A beautiful film...evokes the peerless 'Hoop Dreams' and qualifies as a sort of longitudinal study. But there's nothing academic about it. To the contrary, Quest is intimate, warm yet unsentimental and agreeably rambling." - Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

"A moving, quite amazing documentary...Quest has a spirit of peaceful resilience, and the result is a beautiful, quietly observant film of family love and strength." - G. Allen Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle

"Quest may be one of the few films to locate a story of heartland America in some of the country’s most notoriously crime-ridden urban neighborhoods. And it does so, jarringly and beautifully." - Rebecca Bengal, Vogue.com

"Class and race intersect meaningfully in the wonderful Quest." - Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

"Best Docs of 2017 - #4! Devoid of any political posturing or editorial agenda, Quest is a jarring and gentle testament to the powers of family and individual kindness." - Duane Byrge, The Hollywood Reporter

"[four stars] Intimate, moving...a quietly powerful political statement." - Helen O'Hara, Time Out New York

"Quest may be one of the most important films about the American experience ever filmed." - Jason Gorber, POV Magazine

"Quest has a raw urgency and power that removes the barrier between the viewer and the observed. Even more impressive is how Olshefski has edited his material, crafting a tight story about race, class and family that is a brilliant evocation of the triumph of hope over despair. A beautiful tale, beautifully told. Watch it, and be transformed." - Christopher Llewellyn Reed, Hammer to Nail





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