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Director - Robert Cary
Run Time - 96 Minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD
Year - 2007
Genre - Drama

Educational Interest- Christianity, Cinema Studies, Gay & Lesbian Studies, Religion


Institutional DVD Price: $195



SAVE ME is the acclaimed drama directed by Robert Cary about a young gay man and the Christian retreat he is brought into. A World Premiere at Sundance 2007 and selected as the Opening Night Film at OutFest Los Angeles later that year, SAVE ME is a subtly nuanced and deeply sympathetic look at both sides of one of the most polarizing religious and sexual debates in America: the conflict - and possible reconciliation - between homosexuality and Christianity.


Mark (Chad Allen) is a young gay man who is addicted to sex and drugs. After a particularly nasty binge his brother checks him into Genesis House, a Christian retreat in New Mexico miles from anywhere. Run by a compassionate husband and wife team, Gayle (Judith Light) and Ted (Stephen Lang) have made it their life's mission to cure young men of their 'gay affliction' through spiritual guidance. At first, Mark resists, but soon takes the message to heart and begins to bond with his fellow particular Scott (Robert Gant), a mentor charged with guiding Mark through his conversion. As their friendship evolves into romance, Mark and Scott are forced to confront their true selves, while Gayle and Ted find the values they hold as absolute truths to be threatened.


Powerful, restrained performances and a provocative yet believeable plot bring light to this contentious subject. Like the recent documentary FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO, SAVE ME offers healing, clarity and understanding to anyone caught in the crosshairs of scripture and sexual identity.


"'Save Me' shines a fascinating light of compassion and understanding into the controversial world of ex-gay ministries. Judith Light is an absolute revelation!" - Dan Karslake, Director of For the Bible Tells Me So


"Most filmmaking to date addressing the Great Divide between gays and the U.S. religious right has very much reflected its point of origin - delivering full moral condemnation from one side onto the other. 'Save Me'is a welcome exception in that it effectively dramatizes the issues without caricaturing or pillorizing either party."
- Dennis Harvey, Variety



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