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Director - Kate Burns & Sheila Schroeder
Run Time - 59 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD
Year - 2008
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interest- Anthropology, Christianity, Civil Rights, Gay & Lesbian Studies, Human Rights, Peace & Conflict Resolution, Political Science, Religion, Women’s Studies


Institutional DVD Price: $195


SoleJourney documents the protest efforts of Soulforce, a group committed to LGBT equality and justice. While examining the political policy making and rhetoric of Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family, a Christian organization headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the film also offers insight, strategy, and tangible instruction in the principles of nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience. Soulforce members-including founder, Rev. Dr. Mel White; co-founder, Jeff Lutes; Judy Shepard of the Matthew Shepard Foundation; the Reitan Family featured in For the Bible Tells Me So; and actor and activist Chad Allen, star of Save Me-marched over 65 miles in the summer of 2006 to confront Dr. Dobson. A culmination of two-years of advocacy and action, the film concludes with the ongoing "Focus on the Facts" campaign. Participants show how they hope to help America connect the dots between the false and defamatory rhetoric that flows from Focus on the Family and the assault on the civil liberties of LGBT people and their families.


"If you’re interested in using nonviolent resistance as a way to maintain self-respect while simultaneously tackling prejudice, then SoleJourney is a trip worth taking. "
-Mario DiMaio, Philadelphia International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival


"SoleJourney is an absolutely inspirational film that demonstrates the impact of turning out and taking direct action in support of full equality and dignity. We are the change we want to see in the world and this film will get folks out of their seats and into the streets advocating for the dignity and equality we deserve."
Molly McKay, Media Director, Marriage Equality USA


Emotional yet informative; a useful addition to any library collection.” - Gerald A. Notaro, Library Journal