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A film by Diego Lerman

94 minutes, b/w, Spanish w/ English subtitles, 2003

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Suddenly is part of The Empire DVD Collection

Marcia, a lonely lingerie salesclerk in Buenos Aries, dreams of escaping her dreary life. One day she is propositioned by a pair of girls named Lenin and Mao. When she resists, they kidnap her, steal a taxi, and go looking for the beach. Marcia is a little frightened - but also a little excited. A sexy road movie shot through with a raw freshness reminiscent of early Godard or Jarmusch, Suddenly is “the sort of modestly scaled movie that feels like a gift" (Los Angeles Times).


"Oh, to be kidnapped by a couple of sexually experimental Argentine women!"
- Box Office Magazine

"Intimate...Riveting!" - New York Times

"A pitch-perfect tale of power, sex and friendship, with suspense piled on!" - Chicago Tribune

"Outrageous, funny and hip! A delightfully unpredictable sleeper!" - Variety

"A fantastic debut with attitude to spare. Not to be missed!" - San Francisco Examiner

"Sweet, surprising, humane and quirky!" - Village Voice

"A confident, whimsical comedy, understated and expert!" - Premiere Magazine

Winner of 19 Awards Worldwide!

Disc Features

●  Director's Bio
●  Photo Gallery

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