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Director - Peter Litten
Run Time - 96 minutes
Language - English
Format - DVD
Year - 1994
Genre - Foreign Comedy

Educational Interest - Cinema Studies, Gay & Lesbian Studies


Institutional DVD Price: $195




Longtime Companion meets Ghost in this sexy British comedy about romance and cruising in the afterlife. Simon, a handsome TV repairman, and Mark, a tart-tongued drag performer, are lovers who live together in a sexually open arrangement. When Mark dies of AIDS, Simon represses his grief and plunges into the life of a swinging gay bachelor. But shrugging off the past isn't so easy, as Mark's ghost re-enters Simon's life and begins playing nasty tricks on his one-night stands. Mark is determined not to be forgotten so quickly, and refuses to enter heaven until Simon confronts both his love and his grief.



"Longtime Companion meets Topper, with a dollop of La Cage Aux Folles! Witty drawing room comedy! Noel Coward-style repartee... Ian Williams' portrayal spills over with humor, vulnerability and feistiness!"
- New York Times