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Director - Calvin Skaggs, David Van Taylor & Ali Pomeroy
Run Time - 101 minutes + bonus materials
Language - English
Format - DVD
Year - 2004
Genre - Documentary

Educational Interest - American Studies, Political Science, Religion


Institutional DVD Price: $195




What makes George W. Bush tick? While much of the world is confounded by his righteous rhetoric and his boundless certainty, Bush's story makes perfect sense to one group: America's conservative evangelicals... also known as the Religious Right.

This provocative but balanced documentary begins by providing the historical context necessary to understand the former President's evangelical agenda – exploring the five-decade political education of born-again Christians. Then it zeroes in on Bush himself with a religious biography – from his mid-life crisis involving excessive drinking and a failing business, to his pivotal meeting with a cross-carrying evangelist, and finally to the skillful embrace of ‘born-again’ imagery that helped elect him president.

Incorporating comprehensive historical detail and interviews with religious conservatives such as Jerry Falwell and Ralph Reed, as well as Bush confidants like former speechwriter David Frum, this “eye-opening” film “should be mandatory viewing for those interested in the dominant intersection between religion and politics” (Hollywood Reporter).


"A "If you want to know how evangelicalism affected the course of politics in the 20th century, this is an outstanding place to start. Required viewing!" - Chicago Tribune

"! Scrupulously balanced, packed with historical, sociological, and cultural context."
- Christian Science Monitor


"By calmly putting all the pieces in a row, it shows how we came to have a president who believes, in the words of one commentator, that "he and his country have a special relationship with God." - The New York Times