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"Riveting...A Gray State provides timely political commentary along with a fascinating true-life crime tale." - Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

"Everyone loves a conspiracy -- which is one of the reasons that A Gray State, a tantalizing and fascinating real-life story, makes for compelling viewing. But it's also supremely timely. A Gray State proves to be a highly topical and resonant trip down the "alt-right" rabbit hole, exposing a Trumpian world where facts are rejected in favor of paranoia and conjecture." - Anthony Kaufman, Screen Daily

"Chilling...a harrowing portrait." - Jason Bailey, Flavorwire

"A compelling, highly dramatic piece of documentary filmmaking." - Chris Barsanti, The Playlist

"Donald Trump's embrace of Alex Jones and his InfoWars outlet has gone a long way toward legitimizing the alt-right fringe, a space rife with conspiracy theories about the corruptness of the national media and the dictatorial schemes of the federal government. Together, Jones and Trump (and Trump's right-hand buddy, Steve Bannon) have helped stoke the flames of anti-establishment 'fake news' extremism—and as Erik Nelson's A Gray State makes clear, that sort of fanaticism can lead to tragic consequences for all involved." - Nick Schager, The Daily Beast