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"CRITIC’S PICK!  Hidden pleasures. Shot in an old barn in Buenos Aires' La Boca barrio, the film draws you in until nothing matters but the concentration of this population on their heritage and their pride." - Elizabeth Zimmer, Village Voice

"Wonderful songs and dances...a fine introduction to Argentina’s traditional music and dance..." - Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times

"Saura’s curatorial skill is in showcasing the music’s breadth and the performers’ passion with the surest and subtlest of design choices…as you watch Argentina, it truly is about the all-as-one: the music, the dance, the light Saura provides, and the illumination these performers bring themselves." - Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times

"The film's aesthetics combine a sense of the country's rich heritage and ancestral suffering. 56 years after his debut, Saura has not lost his social conscience, nor his sense of the dynamics of dance"  - John Hopewell, Variety

“Passionately political, sexy and ecstatic! There’s charm in the sights and sounds…joy, too. The stately dances neatly sidestep clichés of Latin American music, drawing their excitement instead from Saura's pared-down sets and his skill at generating a continuous flow of shifting tones.” -Ella Taylor, National Public Radio

 "A thrilling, breathtaking watch. You’ll dance out of the theater." - Jennifer Merin, WeNews

"This film is a bold journey uncovering the essence of Argentine culture and life values through music and dance."  - Amber Adams, Broadway World

"Fans of Spanish director Carlos Saura's series of flamenco-related films should also enjoy Argentina, a soulful love note to the music and dance of that nation. Shot in Buenos Aires, the sensuous documentary bears family resemblance to Saura's Flamenco Flamenco in its minimalistic yet dramatic setting, chiarascuro lighting and sunset coloration, intriguingly voyeuristic camera work, close-ups of expressive, lived-in faces and diverse array of excellent performers."  - Eva Yaa Asantewaa, InfiniteBody

"[Argentine cinematographer Félix Monti] gives each performance a rich, warm glow in keeping with the look of Saura’s prior performance films. Recommended for patrons of dance and Latin folk music." - Joe Bendel, J.B. Spins

"Carlos Saura does not do clichés... [he] is intent on showing us a cultural background of our southern friends through music, the universal language." - Harvey Karten