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“Endlessly fascinating.” - Errol Morris

“Documentary at its best.” - Albert Maysles

"Enthralling! [Carroll] is an eloquent screen presence. The movie dives into the distant past for Mr. Carroll's alternative, shadow history of the Catholic Church. A cri de coeur about the abuse of religion when aligned with the state. Moving!" -Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"Magnificent, thought-provoking!" -Ronnie Scheib, Variety

"Provocative, searching, intellectually lively!" -Jim Ridley, Village Voice

"The fascination of this inquiring movie is that, like The Da Vinci Code, Constantine's Sword grasps at the enigmatic flux of Christian history.  Whatever your persuasion, you'll walk out enriched." - Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

"Intelligent, well-researched, subtly enunciated." -Richard James Havis, Hollywood Reporter

"A blistering indictment of papal practices from Hitler's era through the present day. It is a film worth watching." -Erica Orden, New York Sun

"A powerful indictment of religion by a highly spiritual man who thinks God deserves better. The film is a sober reminder that religious fanaticism isn't confined to the Mideast."
-Rick Warner,

"A stunning indictment at the ways religion has often been a negative force in the world."
-Harvey Karten, Film Journal International

"Eye-opening. Keen, startling insights. Has moments that are simply amazing...James Carroll is a treasure and a marvelous teller of truths." -Eric Goldman, New Jersey Jewish Standard

"Piercing honesty...powerful!" -Shahnaz Habib, NY Press

"Provocative...Carroll has little trouble finding a churchly culture based in conquest and awash in blood." -John Anderson, Newsday

"A fascinating journey...haunting. Carroll the historian understands the danger of wedding religious fervor to military might, particularly at a time when a U.S. president can speak openly of "crusades," "good vs. evil" and God-given rights. Carroll the devout humanist delivers a dire warning that couldn't have come at a better time." -Ken Fox, TV

"Excellently thoughtful and personal film...[Carroll] makes an ideal guide."
-Chris Barsanti,

"Astonishing! Unlike any other film on the subject." - Jeffrey Lyons, NBC-Reel Talk

"It blew my mind!  If you compare learning to drinking from a fountain of knowledge, I was treated to a fire hose experience. . . I expect that the religious right, the Pentagon and even the Catholic Church will do a lot to prevent its message to get out.” -Daily Kos

"In Constantine's Sword, as in much of his writing, Carroll struggles to understand the root of the world's violence in the hope that he might find the answer to peace.” -Los Angeles Times

"A wondrous visual feast...intriguing and penetrating." -Lauren Wissot,

" Powerful and informative." -Kam Williams, Newsblaze (syndicated)

"Carroll argues cogently that when religion is allied with political power, persecution and violence will inevitably result. His rediscovery of Edith Stein's prophetic letter warning the papacy against Nazism in the 1930s is deeply moving."
-Euan Cameron, (& Union Theological Seminary)