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"A warm and involving documentary about an intriguing, largely under-the-radar corner of the LGBTQ world. The dancing [is] stirring and impressive...ultimately, it's the social, sexual, political and artistic power of the same-sex dance phenomenon that gives the topic its unique heft and vitality."  - Los Angeles Times

"As you might suspect - is just as much about life and gender politics as it is about dance."  - The New York Times

"The dancing in the film is beautiful, but the real focus is the struggles and triumphs experienced by members of the LGBTQ community."  - VICE

"Dancers share the joy they feel of being in a dance space for same-sex pairs, which centers them and their desire, rather than marginalizing it."  - Advocate

"A fabulous, crowd-pleasing documentary...gracefully captures the beauty and well as the tensions."  - Gay City News

"This tremendously entertaining documentary highlights the culture & art of dance as it profiles the compelling stories of 4 international dancers."  - Out Magazine

"A beautiful portrait of the same-sex dance scene."  - Dancing Times Magazine

"'Highlights its role not only as a form of storytelling-in-motion but as an empowering vehicle for political and social engagement...interweaving the threads of art and eye-opening piece."  - AfterEllen

"Totally enchanting, electrifying and breathtakingly stunning!"  - QueerGuru

"The intimacy...makes for compelling viewing...offers a space to think about what it means to be human."  - InfiniteBody

"This compelling documentary is a must-see... what drew me in was how these dancers are breaking down gender binaries."  -

"This film is so damn relevant to the world we are suffering through...a masterpiece of storytelling."  - SilverstoneLIVE

"Dazzling dancing and cinematography. Sashay to wherever the doc is playing asap!"  - Movie Dearest

"This is a world where personal passions become political statements about bigotry. The back stories of these dancers are both heartbreaking and ultimately uplifting, as we follow them through four years of dance competitions and learn more about their families, their lives, their challenges. It's a visually exciting movie, too. The preparations that go into creating the costumes, the choreography and the conflicts that arise between dance and life partners demonstrate the degree of commitment - and drama - involved."  - Santa Monica Daily Press

"Upbeat, gripping, memorable! Offering a glimpse into a little-known world of candor, fiery love and activism, Hot To Trot takes its viewers through a spirited and heartening journey that they will not easily forget."  - Gay Essential