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"In a world where unabashed advocacy documentaries are thick on the land, Ivy Meeropol's expert 'Indian Point,' an evenhanded look at the issues surrounding nuclear power, is a welcome exception." - Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

"See it if you want to lose sleep." - Vulture

"A cautionary tale about a technology once seen as an abundant and non-polluting energy source, but with downsides that could make oil spills and electrical brownouts seem as minor as a fender bender." - Lewis Beale, The Daily Beast

"Rigorously balanced... disturbing." - John Anderson, Newsday

"Must-see" - New York Post

"A startling portrait."- Ashley Lee, The Hollywood Reporter

"Nuclear power is incredibly efficient... but highly dangerous if anything goes awry. That looming threat of danger pushes at the edges of the film, threatening rupture like a nuclear reactor. Someone needs to ask questions; here they are." - Diana Clarke, The Village Voice

"Ms. Meeropol is steadfast in providing both sides of the story. In the end, 'Indian Point' is a good overview of the issues, with insights into the problems of regulating the industry." - Ken Jaworowski, The New York Times

" Ivy Meerpool’s engrossing documentary profiles local activists and journalists... Even as it evokes terrifying dangers, the movie holds out hope." - Glenn Kenny,

"By the movie’s end, it’s hard to escape the sense that while the plant’s on-the-ground staff appears highly competent and committed to retrofitting the plant for as long as required, Indian Point is still doomed... the moral valence here-- the feeling that nuclear power, no matter how diligently monitored, contains the seeds of its own inevitable catastrophe-- overrides all." - Jacob Silverman, The New Republic

"An effective case study in the long debate over nuclear energy." - John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

"Indian Point takes a broad view of the facility, finding room for industry spokespeople as well as activists, and including information about the three previous significant nuclear power plant accidents at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima. Meeropol's coup was to get footage of the interior of Indian Point." - Daniel Eagan, Film Journal International

"The film offers a look inside the power plant, located 35 miles from midtown Manhattan on the Hudson River. In addition to speaking with several anti-nuclear advocates, director Ivy Meeropol gained unprecedented access inside the highly guarded plant... With more than 50 million people living in close proximity to the facility, the Indian Point Energy Center's continued operation has stoked a great deal of controversy in the surrounding community, including a vocal anti-nuclear contingent concerned that the kind of disaster that happened at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant could happen in New York." - Addie Morfoot, Crain's New York

"The plants constitute a disaster waiting to happen threatening especially the lives of the 22 million people who live within 50 miles from them." - Karl Grossman, Counterpunch

"Like a cinematic sleuth, Meeropol doggedly pursued the different threads of the saga. If Woodward and Bernstein 'followed the money' during Watergate, Meeropol followed the radiation, so to speak. In a balanced yet bold, unflinching way, Meeropol proves once again in 'Indian Point' that the personal is political, and reveals that controversies swirling around nuclear power are anything but a tempest in a teapot." - Ed Rampell, Earth Island Journal

"Slowly and quietly infuriating, 'Indian Point' should make its audiences think and think again about nuclear power as an answer -- or even an alternative -- to the world's energy needs." -James van Maanen, Trust Movies

"A rounded and realistic portrait of those activists who are angry about the danger posed by aging power plants." - Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality and Practice Magazine

"No matter your position, Indian Point is your opportunity to consider an environmental issue that is virtually censored." - Don Schwartz, The Marin Post

"[A] well-researched and timely investigation about whether nuclear power production is safe…See this film for the full picture, especially if you live near Buchanan, which is just 35 miles north of New York City." - Jennifer Merin, WeNews

"[A] fascinating, very timely documentary." - William Wolf, Wolf Entertainment Guide