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"Once a champion cyclist who went to Canada to race and never left, Giuseppe Marinoni, 75, is now a master craftsman whose bicycles are prized by devotees. Director Tony Girardin catches Giuseppe Marinoni as he trains to break the speed record for his age group, following him from studio to home to Italy, where they visit Marinoni’s village before heading to the velodrome where the attempt takes place." - Daniel M. Gold, The New York TImes

"For all his curmudgeonly ways, Marinoni is a rivetingly charismatic presence, as all these Yodas tend to be, whatever their métier... [a] highly enjoyable and informative film." - David Noh, Film Journal International

"A true crowd pleaser." - POV Magazine

"Quirky and uplifting." - Maclean's Magazine

"A charming little tale." - This Week in New York 

"A rich meditation on the power of the human spirit... effective and oddly engaging." - Joshua Brunsting, Criterion Cast

"Delicately filmed by documentarian Tony Girardin... this film is far more than one about a great craftsman pursuing his craft. It is also about two great men healing and coming out of their shells late in life... highly recommend[ed]."
- Lennard Zinn, Velonews

"Touching and quietly jaw-dropping." - Don Schwartz, Marin Post

"Deeply moving." - Toronto Star

"Terrific doc." - Now Toronto

"Incredibly entertaining and moving." - Toronto Film Scene