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Praise for Chiara Clemente's OUR CITY DREAMS

“Manages to be not only a first-rate portrait of great artists but also an impressive look at the way they interact with the city that feeds their work.” -Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine

“A lyrical documentary about the intersection of location and imagination.”
- Jeanette Catsoulis, The New York Times

“Celebratory…a joyous infusion of life!... Clemente depicts these women in all of their fiery intensity and the profiles of Our City Dreams meld into a hymn of hope and courage for the fervor of artistic creation.” - Paul Brenner,

"An intimate portrait of five women artists. Celebrates the metropolis as a cauldron of creativity." - Leslie Camhi, Vogue

“A thoughtful, sometimes revealing look at creative lives and the forces that shaped them.” -Maitland McDonagh, Time Out New York

"Exquisitely crafted. Five powerhouse femme artists, renowned, wildly eclectic creators who span the spectrum in age, provenance and medium, connected to the city through a complex, ever-changing dialectic. Combining formats and textures with a hypnotic, shape-shifting score, (the film) itself quite simply ranks as a work of art." - Ronnie Scheib, Variety

“Airy and intimate …Candid and unpretentious.” - Fernando F. Croce, Slant Magazine

“An intimate series of portraits... Clemente’s film compellingly depicts the underlying, rather un-dreamy mores that propelled these individual careers in the bright lights of the big city - veracity, dedication, and commitment, to name a few.” - Lauren O'Neill-Butler, ArtForum

"Closely observed, beautifully shot and scored, and often moving.” - Maya Singer, Style

“This beautiful, patient, and thoughtful film examines what it means to be a woman working as an artist in the city that quivers with the energy of the past, present, and future.” -Katie Rolnick, Tiny Mix Tapes

“Intimate opportunity to see how successful women artists navigate the art world while infusing their work with feminist consciousness.” -Nora Lee Mandel, Film Forward

Our City Dreams finds the myriad dimensions in a simple concept….the 15 minutes or so we spend with each artist is enough to see how they've turned their habitats, their gender, and their personal crusades into imaginative, eye-catching work.” - Noel Murray, Onion AV Club

"Filled with gorgeous shots of New York and from-the-heart discussions of artistry and inspiration, this wide-ranging appreciation is a nice glimpse into the artistic process.”
- Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News

“Inspired…a collage of self-conscious acceptance and human struggle.”
- Nick McCarthy, L Magazine

“Fascinating…bracing in its spirit and also a refresher course in some of the permutations of what is now regarded as feminist art across the decades.” –Bruce Eder, Allmovie Blog